Authors Simon Judge Vicky Johnson
JournalInternational Society of AAC (ISAAC) Conference 2014, July 2014
The work in the UK described here reports on a survey of services providing AAC in England. Previous work (1) in the UK concentrated on understanding the makeup of specialised or dedicated AAC services. The work summarised in this paper aimed to survey the provision of services working at a local or universal level. The context of this work is of significant UK campaigning around AAC and communication aid service provision in the midst of “the most extensive reorganisation of the structure of the National Health Service in England to date” (2). This work was funded as part of a Department for Education (DfE) grant aiming to lay the foundations for a new system of funding for specialised AAC and communication aid services derived from the NHS reorganisation. This paper provides a brief summary of the data collected. The full data is available as an annonymised online data set via the CM website (3). Method A surveying tool was created to collect the data – this was developed from the Communication Matters (CM) – Research Matters project (4)(where more specialised series were surveyed) and was designed to audit and map service provision. The tool was referenced against the CM AAC Service Standards (5). In order to achieve a high response rate and high level of data quality the tool was designed to be ‘administered’, i.e. the survey was filled in by an interviewer whilst talking to the service manager. Services were classified as providing a service to a defined population across an area (e.g. an SLT service), or those providing services to a catchment population (e.g. a school or inpatient service). Only those services reporting that they covered a defined population were included in the descriptive statistics presented below. This was in order to remove the likelihood of double counting of data.
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