On this page you will find a range of resources that we publish with the aim of supporting local teams and those using assistive technology. You will also find some links to websites and external resources. If you have suggestions for a useful resource, please let us know.

Examples of activities for developing switch use

Examples of activities for developing switch use

This resource is designed to support those who are considering toys and activities for developing access to technology using switches.
ABC chart with some phrases

ABC chart with some phrases

An ABC chart developed by ACE Centre with some phrases.
AEIOU communication chart for row column scanning

AEIOU communication chart for row column scanning

A communication chart produced by ACE Centre. This chart has an AEIOU layout and is designed for access by row column, listener mediated/partner assisted scanning.
Paper based yes/no question prompt

Paper based yes/no question prompt

A prompt sheet for a partner to use in order to help an AAC user get a quick message across with yes/no responses.
Page from MRO resource

Means, Reasons and Opportunities for AAC

These resources can be used to look in detail at the means, reasons and opportunities to identify potential reasons for use of a communication aid. In 2010 Barnsley Assistive Technology Team in conjunction with Devices for Dignity undertook research to look at communication aid users views of communication aids and their priorities (report | paper ). As part of this work a symbol based questionnaire and symbol based resources for
Basic Assessment Kit Suggestions

Basic Assessment Kit Suggestions

This resource is a suggestion (shopping list) of equipment items local teams may wish to purchase to setup an initial/basic assessment kit. This is a basic list – the resource pack and AAC apps resource provide more comprehensive information.
Computer Access Starter Resource Document

Computer Access in Schools – Starter Resource

Some students may find it difficult to access the standard computer keyboard and mouse because of a physical disability or learning difficulty. This brief document is designed as a starter resource to give you ideas about the sorts of equipment that may help, and also sources of support and advice. The Barnsley Assistive Technology team provides specialised computer access equipment for people with severe physical disabilities at home, but we
Remote Control of Home Equipment

Remote Control of Home Equipment

This document provides information on ‘remote control’ or ‘home automation’ equipment that can be installed and potentially used with an Environmental Control (EC) system.  This might be useful for those who are looking to: setup remote control equipment that can be used with standard remotes or apps - but that might need to be compatible with an EC system in the future (e.g. those with MND or other deteriorating conditions);
EC Service Summary Resource

EC Service Specification and Contract Summary

This resource describes what a service user should expect from our servicing and maintenance contractors. This document provides a summary of the NHS England Environmental Control Service Specification and the Electronic Assistive Technology Servicing Contract. The document includes the Key Performance Indicators that Environmental Control companies (contractors) are contracted to meet. The document also summarises the process from the point at which the Barnsley AT Team receive a referral for
Competency Framework Resource

Competency Framework for Specialist AAC and EC Clinicians

This document is intended to describe a framework of competencies that relate to the assistive technology specialist role within a specialised Augmentative Communication Aids (AAC) and specialised Environmental control (EC) service. This role is ‘cross-profession’ – i.e. can apply to either an Speech and Language or Occupational Therapist or Clinical Scientist.    This documentation is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. and feedback and revisions are welcome. This work was
Message Banking Resource

Voice & Message Banking

This handout describes approaches to voice and message banking. Voice and message banking is the process of recording and storing an individual’s voice that can then be used to support communication.
Unpicking Apps for AAC Resource

Unpicking Apps for AAC Resource

This resource was produced to accompany our ‘apps’ training package and gives an overview of a range of AAC apps.
12 Steps Resource

Start your AAC journey in 12 simple steps

This resource has been developed to support clinicians working in local services who are new or less familiar with Augmentative Communication (AAC). This may also be useful to more experienced clinicians who would like suggestions on ways to increase their skills and knowledge in AAC.
Image of Local Service Resource Guide

Local services resource pack

This pack is a handy go to guide for professionals working within the field of electronic Assistive Technology, containing one page profiles for AAC and Environmental Control products and resources. This includes; communications aids, switches, computer access peripherals, remote controls, mounting solutions, assessments, toolkits and software. The products and resources within the pack are those which would usually fall within the remit of local services to provide.
Image of Leaflet for Professionals

Guide for Professionals

This leaflet is designed for professionals to describe the work of the Assistive Technology Team. The leaflet covers: What Assistive Technology (AT) Does The Team Work With? Who Are Barnsley Assistive Technology? What do we do? Who do we work with? Who do we provide equipment to? What else can we do? What happens during an assessment? How can you contact us? National guidelines.
Image of Service Users Leaflet

Guide for Service Users

This leaflet is designed for individuals who use, or may use, the Assitive Technology Team service. The leaflet describes: What Assistive Technology (AT) Does The Team Work With? Who Are Barnsley Assistive Technology? What do we do? Who do we work with? Who do we provide equipment to? What else can we do? What happens during an assessment? How can you contact us?
Image of Loan Agreement Document

Equipment Loan Agreement

This loan agreement describes our responsibilities and the responsibilities of the person using the equipment.  This loan agreement covers all situations in which we provide equipment. The loan agreement sets out the terms and conditions for a contract between the Client and the Assistive Technology team of Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (the Trust). This agreement allows the use of the Equipment in a Client's home free of charge. The