The AT team works with local professionals to assess a client’s assistive technology requirements. Assessments are generally orientated around electronic assistive technology needs as other equipment is likely to have been assessed for locally. Assessments are open, person centred, and do not necessarily follow a set format, however the objectives of an assessment are to establish:

  • What the client’s needs are
  • How assistive technology might assist with these needs
  • What other ‘low-tech’ alternative solutions may be more appropriate
  • If the client feels that (assistive) technology is the appropriate solution
  • What access method is appropriate for the client.

If a piece of assistive technology is agreed to be appropriate, the team will agree:

  • The best way to implement the technology
  • How the equipment will be funded
  • What customisations or custom equipment may be required
  • What follow up is required

The AT team will then produce a report outlining the assessment, explaining and detailing the implementation of the proposed equipment.