How we are run

How we are run

Barnsley Hospital is a foundation trust – which means local people have a say in helping shape our future.

The board of directors oversees the running of the Hospital. The board is accountable to the council of governors. The governors are elected by and accountable to the Hospital members. 

Together they decide on the strategic direction of Barnsley Hospital Foundation Trust.

Hospital governors visit the hospital

Our governance

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the operational management of the hospital. Alongside input from the Council of Governors, the Board sets the direction for the future of the hospital.  

The Board is also responsible for monitoring performance against national, regional and local objectives and ensuring the highest levels of standards and performance.  

Whilst the Trust is managed by the Board of Directors, the Board is accountable to the Council of Governors. 

Council of Governors

The majority of our Council of Governors represent patients and the public and are elected by members of the Trust. The council also has governors to represent staff, and governors nominated from local partner organisations which represent the wider community. 

Members of Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Our Members provide an important local voice and have a say in how the Hospital is run. Members are largely local people, but can include anyone from the whole of England and Wales.  

Being a Member means being kept up to date with developments and being able to have a say in how the Hospital is run. Members can vote in governor elections and put themselves forward to stand.  

Often, staff who go on to work in other hospitals or NHS organisations remain Members. As do some patients who come to be treated from outside the area!  

At the moment there are around 12,400 members of Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.  

Anyone can become a member, from 14 years old. Sign up as a member.  


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