Sometimes there are misunderstandings or things may go wrong. If you are currently a client of our team we would ask that you speak with the clinician or staff member that you have had contact with.  Many problems can be resolved quickly by explaining your concerns to staff.

If you have a concern or complaint about the work that one of our contractors has carried out on our behalf then you can let our team know this by contacting us.

If you have tried this and are still not satisfied, you can speak to the Patient Advice and Complaints team on 01226 432330 or 01226 432571. You can also email

The team will listen to your concerns and offer advice and support. They can talk to staff to quickly deal with any problems or concerns on your behalf.  If necessary the team can also contact local organisations or support groups for advice and information to help address your concerns.

We would encourage you to let us know as soon as possible if you are experiencing problems as we can work together to put things right quickly.

The Patient Advice and Complaints team can also provide you with advice on NHS Complaints Procedures and how to make a formal complaint.

Patient Advice and Complaints team