Equipment we provide may be maintained by one of our contractors or directly by the Barnsley AT Team.

Please note, this maintenance covers your specialised controller/device and other specialised equipment directly installed via our team.  Please note, maintenance cover does not include equipment that works in conjunction with equipment installed by our team – for example door openers or locks, televisions or computers.  

If your equipment is maintained directly by the AT Team, or you are unsure who maintains your equipment please contact us on: 01226 43 2159.

If supplied by Smartbox (GridPad, Grid3) call: 01684 578868

Liberator Logo If supplied by Liberator (Accent) call: 01733 370470

Techcess LogoIf supplied by Techcess (Mobi, Tellus, MindExpress) call: 01476 561991

Possum Ltd  If maintained by Possum call: 01296 461 000

  If maintained by Steeper call: 01132 070449

  If maintained by DH2 Solutions call: 01132 56 4572

 If maintained by Abilia call: 01954 281222