Equipment we provide may be maintained by one of our contractors or directly by the Barnsley AT Team. The equipment we provide is Assistive and must not be used for safety critical functions, backups should be in place for critical functions (see guidance on use of Assistive Tech).

This maintenance covers specialised equipment directly installed via our team. Please note:

  • Maintenance cover does not include equipment that works in conjunction with equipment installed by our team – for example door openers or locks, televisions or computers (see guidance on maintenance).
  • Maintenance cover is not for equipment that was provided by another team or route unless this equipment has formally been adopted by the AT team.  For example this may include specialised AAC equipment provided by local funding prior to the NHS England services being commissioned (see our guidance on established users).

Support Contacts

If your equipment is supplied by one of our contractors, please contact them directly using the details below:

If supplied by Smartbox (GridPad device; Grid3 software) call 01684 578868, email or raise a ticket or use ‘live chat’ on their website.

Liberator Logo If supplied by Liberator (Accent device; NuVoice software) call 01733 370470, email, or use the ‘live chat’ on their website.

Techcess LogoIf supplied by Jabbla UK – previously known asTechcess – (Mobi or Tellus devices; MindExpress software) call 01476 589457, email or use the ‘live chat’ on their website.

Tobii Dynaox logoIf your equipment is supplied by Tobii Dynavox ( I-Series device; Communicator or SnapCore software) call 0114 481 0011, email or use the form on their website.


If your equipment is maintained by one of our contractors, please contact them directly using the details below:

Possum Ltd  If maintained by Possum call 01296 461 000 or email .



  If maintained by Steeper call 01132 070449 or email .


If maintained by DH2 Solutions call 01132 56 4572 or email .



Barnsley AT Team LogoIf your equipment is maintained directly by the AT Team (all types of equipment, including all IPads) or you are unsure who maintains your equipment:

Call us on 01226 43 2159 and choose Option 1, email, or send us a Text Message: 07709 718 461 .