Outpatient appointments

Outpatient appointments

Welcome to Barnsley Hospital. There's lots of valuable information on this page, to help you navigate your outpatient appointments.

You might be offered an outpatients' appointment at one of our sites, following a referral from your GP or another healthcare professional (such as a nurse practitioner).

Being an outpatient means you are not staying overnight in the hospital, for assessment or treatment.

Our main Outpatient Department is located on the first floor of Barnsley Hospital. Here we offer many clinics – covering medical, surgical and orthopaedics (bones). We also host visiting consultants from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust.

We also hold outpatient appointments at the Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC) and New Street Health Centre, in Barnsley Town Centre.

Three self-check-in kiosks in the reception of outpatients


You will be referred to us either:

  • after an electronic booking has been made by your GP surgery, via the e-referral service (e-RS)
  • after a referral letter has been received from your GP surgery

You may be offered an in-person, video or telephone appointment.

We will send you appointment reminders via text, 7 days and 1 day before your scheduled appointment. If you don't have a mobile phone, a voice message will be left for you on your landline.

You can confirm if you are able to attend. If not, you can change the date of, or cancel your appointment.

From Monday 2 October 2023, all patients will receive a digital copy of their outpatient clinic outcome letter, which has been dictated and typed on Digital Dictation. This will be instead of the default paper version previously issued.

Letters will be made available securely through our Patient Portal system.

If a patient does not access the letter within 24 hours the system will send the letter through the post as well.

Unfortunately, you may have to wait some time for your first appointment.

If you're waiting for a hospital appointment or treatment, you can use the My Planned Care website to check the waiting times at your hospital. Check hospital waiting times on the My Planned Care website.

We are working hard to ensure that patients come to their appointments by looking at reasons for missed appointments such as:

  • the patient has forgotten about the appointment
  • the patient had not attended because they felt they no longer needed the appointment
  • the patient was not aware of the appointment
  • unclear, inaccessible or incorrect appointment information was given to the patient
  • the patient has difficulties cancelling or re-arranging their appointment
  • difficulty taking time off work (particularly when face-to-face appointments are offered as the only option)
  • transport issues
  • difficulty arranging carers at the time of the appointment (either for the patient or for people they care for)
  • cost issues of getting to and from an appointment 
  • limited clinic hours making it challenging to find a suitable time to attend
  • the patient has not been brought to the appointment by a carer or guardian responsible for their care ("was not brought")

Please do attend your appointment - it's valuable to you, and us.

Cancelling and re-booking appointments

Please do let us know if you are unable to attend your appointment - this could free up a slot for someone else. You can confirm or cancel your appointment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using our patient portal and text reminder service; apart from the departments listed to the right.

Most outpatient appointments can be cancelled or changed by calling our contact centre on 01226 434343, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can also use our cancellation and re-booking form.

Patient Initiated Follow-up (PIFU)

Did you know that you do not always have to have a follow-up appointment?

Some areas are now offering select patients PIFU; which puts the patient in control of when they are seen by a specialist for a specific condition.

Cancelling and re-booking appointments

Most outpatient appointments can be cancelled or changed by calling our contact centre on 01226 434343, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Some departments can only amend appointments between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday: 

You can also use our cancellation and re-booking form

How to be prepared for your outpatients appointment

A video explaining how to prepare for an outpatient appointment at NHS hospitals in England.

Remote video URL

How to use the Patient Portal - on an iPhone

A video showing patients how to use the Patient Portal, if they have an iPhone, to view electronic letters sent from the Trust.

Remote video URL

How to use the Patient Portal - on an android phone

A video showing patients how to use the Patient Portal, if they have an android mobile phone, to view electronic letters sent from the Trust.

Remote video URL

On the day of your appointment

Preparing for your appointment

Please bring the following with you on the day of your appointment – to help our staff help you: 

  • your appointment letter or card (if you have one) 
  • your personal details – such as your address, postcode and a contact number 
  • your “home” address if it is different to where you currently live 
  • your GP surgery’s address and telephone number  
  • details of any medicines or tablets you are taking  
  • proof that you do not have to pay prescription charges, if applicable  
  • any other information or task requested in your appointment letter or text 

Getting to your appointment

Our page on getting to and around Barnsley Hospital, provides information on travelling to the hospital via car, public transport, and foot from the town centre. It also provides a map of the hospital site and information on getting around the hospital.

Our page on car parking at the hospital, provides information on where you can park, parking charges, free parking for disabled people (and in some cases, parents, guardians and outpatients who attend frequently), and the healthcare travel costs scheme.

If you need hospital transport for an outpatient appointment, please contact your GP surgery in order to arrange this.  

Arriving to your appointment

Our main outpatient department is near our Gawber Road entrance. Look for the Outpatients entrance just to the right of the main hospital entrance. 

The main outpatient's reception area is on the first floor so you will need to use the escalator or lift to get to us. 

Some outpatient departments are in different zones around the hospital: 

  • Assessment and Rehabilitation Unit - Blue 
  • Children’s Outpatients - Orange  
  • Diabetes Centre - Blue  
  • Physiotherapy - Blue 
  • Women’s Services - Purple 
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery – Purple 

Outpatient appointments are also held at the Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC) and New Street Health Centre. You can save time upon arrival to an outpatients appointment, by using the self-check in kiosks. 

Read more information on getting to and around Barnsley Hospital

Visit the AccessAble site for information on accessibility and travelling to Barnsley Hospital

Your appointment

We operate a self-check-in system at Barnsley Hospital. Volunteers can help you check in at one of the many self-check-in kiosks near the various entrances to the hospital: 

  • main entrance 
  • outpatients 
  • women’s services 

We advise you to check in 10 minutes before your appointment time. Patients are seen in appointment order, not in order of arrival. 

Sometimes there may be reasons you have to wait longer, than expected. Staff will let you know if there is a delay. 

In most cases, you will be seen by a consultant (a senior doctor). In some cases, you may be seen by another healthcare professional – such as a nurse practitioner, a midwife or a therapist.  

All clinical staff wear an identity badge with their name and job title on it, so you know who they are. They also wear different coloured uniforms to help you recognise them more easily. 

If you are unhappy about any aspect of your care, you can ask to someone in charge of the clinic.

Video and telephone appointments

Your appointment with a healthcare professional (clinician) may take place over video or telephone, or you may be offered the choice of attending via video, phone call or face-to-face.


We play a part in training many students in healthcare. Students, supervised by qualified staff, may observe or be involved in your care.  

If you do not want to be seen by students, please tell a staff member at the clinic – it won’t affect your care in any way.  

Involving you in your care  

We want to make sure you fully understand your condition and the options available to you.  

Before you receive any treatment, the healthcare professional will explain what they are recommending. Please do ask if you are unsure about anything. No treatment is carried out without your consent (unless it is an emergency and you are unconscious).  

Before you leave your appointment 

Make sure you know: 

  • what might be wrong 
  • whether you need any tests 
  • what treatment is best for you 
  • what happens next and who to contact 

Collecting prescriptions

Our outpatient pharmacy is located in the main outpatients waiting area, of the hospital.  

If you are prescribed medicine, you will be asked to collect the item(s) from the hospital pharmacy.

Our pharmacy will charge the standard national prescription fee – unless you have proof of not having to pay (an exemption).  

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