Patient Initiated Follow-up (PIFU)

Did you know that you do not always have to have a follow-up appointment?

Some areas are now offering select patients PIFU; which puts the patient in control of when they are seen by a specialist for a specific condition.

What is PIFU?

PIFU is specifically designed for patients with stable long-term conditions.

Sometimes, regular outpatient appointments may not result in any change to your treatment. In fact your condition may flare up in between regular, booked appointments. And it’s during this time that you really do need our input.

Attending scheduled outpatient appointments at the hospital can be inconvenient - requiring you to take time off work or away from home, and sometimes incurring costs such as travel and parking (and possibly losing work income).
If your condition is stable, being required to attend regular follow-up appointments, can be of little benefit.

Patient Initiated Follow-up

A video explaining what Patient Initiated Follow-up (PIFU) is and how it works.

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How do I find out more about PIFU?

Ask your clinician (doctor, nurse or another healthcare professional) if it is appropriate for you not to be seen for a review appointment, unless you feel you need one.