The Council of Governors is made up of:

  • Seventeen patient and public governor seats
  • Five staff seats
  • Seven nominated governor seats from partner organisations

Public Governors

Patricia Adcock

I am a licensed Lay Pastoral Minister. My role is to offer pastoral care and support to the people in the community. I do this by visiting and sometimes taking Holy Communion to those who are housebound or ill.

While training at York St John I was sent here on a kind of work placement away from my own church for a few weeks. The chaplain then was Fr Peter Yates and he made me feel comfortable and once I had cleared by the DBS I was allowed to go on the wards. Needless to say I stayed and continued my voluntary visits

When Fr Peter Needham came he asked if I would like to take communion on the wards which I have been doing.

I have been an outpatient for many years and find that the staff are very good and take time to explain things to me. I care very much for this hospital and hope to do my very best for it.

Patricia Bevis

John R Bower

Gilly Cockerline

Tony Conway

I have had various clinical treatment in the hospital i.e Orthopedic Surgery, Day Surgery, Other Outpatients, Treatment, on various wards within the Hospital. I have worked in Patient Liaison Service i.e PALS for approx 15 years dealing and helping with various concerns. I accept I still have a lot to learn to gain more knowledge to improve myself and adopt a more professional attitude.

Tony Dobell

In 3 years as a Governor, I have represented the people of Barnsley in a number of ways. I am the audit liaison Governor and vice chair of the two main committees of the governing body. I have participated in Ward visits, in discussions and questioning and in the writing of reports. I belong to no political party or other pressure group so I have no particular point to push. My only concern is to achieve the best health provision possible for the people of Barnsley. Previously, I was principal of Barnsley Sixth Form College for twelve years and an Ofsted inspector for 11 years, so I am well used to ensuring that people work effectively. I have valued my 3 years as a governor of Barnsley hospital and I believe that Governors can really make a difference.

Alan Higgins

My name is Alan Higgins, I am a retired local businessman and Barnsley resident of more than 30 years.

I care passionately about our NHS and the people of Barnsley.

As well as representing the people of Barnsley as a hospital Governor, I volunteer at the hospital and sit on the Board of Trustees at Barnsley Hospice.

I am an active member of Barnsley Patient Council and regularly attend the Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) governing body meeting as a public representative.

When not doing any of the above I’m to be found in the kitchen baking cakes and bread – my other passion.

Janet Lancaster

Steve Long

I am a retired civil servant who managed large numbers of staff across the UK. My work required me to work with people across all walks of life ranging from the public in general to Cabinet Ministers. I was involved in budgeting at local and national level and understand the need for economy whilst at the same time achieving value for money and a continuation of services. I was responsible for developing Departmental policy on mental health and debt and following retirement have maintained links with several voluntary sector organisations.

I currently sit on the Barnsley Bench of the magistracy both as an adult and youth magistrate. This has given me a sometimes unique insight into the Barnsley populous. This together with serving as a Public Governor for the last 3 years has helped me understand the pressures on the hospital and staff in particular, and more importantly have a clear perception of the patient perspective.

I believe these attributes will enable me to successfully serve the Barnsley public in the role of Governor. I have no political affiliation and will bring an entirely independent approach to the role

Annie Moody

I am retired from the Civil Service where I had a variety of roles, most recently managing a national project to improve the experience of customers who needed to contact my Government Department.

Over recent years I have had back, neck and shoulder operations, and am therefore well placed to have a front-line view of what is great patient experience and what is less great!  I am enjoying using this experience, together with skills from my working life, as Public Governor helping represent views of current service users.

I have been a Public Governor since January 2015, and Lead Governor since January 2017, and I bring commitment and enthusiasm in helping contribute to the success of the Trust

Harshad Patel

I possess the ability for strategic thinking, the vision to see problems and issues from a wider perspective in making appropriate linkages; scrutinise data and statistics and challenge views without being confrontational. I am able to communicate and consult effectively in public meetings, with media, local communities partner agencies and able to represent the views and interests of all parties concerned. I possess a good understanding of community views in shaping policies aimed at engaging local communities. I can interpret and question complex written material, and identify salient points in drawing valid conclusions. I am capable of playing an effective role in committees’, partnerships through listening, persuading and showing respect for all the tabled views.

I have the self-confidence, decisiveness, enthusiasm and drive with the skills to challenge accepted views constructively. I have the necessary training and experience in appointing people to responsible posts. I have the respect for everyone and the capacity to treat all the people fairly with dignity; I value diversity and respond sensitively to differences and changes in organisations

Carol Robb

I have experience of board meetings and I also have experience of putting views, issues and concerns of others to the right people or department. This experience has helped me greatly in my role as a governor. I keep confidentiality at all times. I am honest, reliable and punctual. As a recent wheelchair user I feel I can give a unique perspective on some issues.

Margaret Sheard

Robert Slater

Joe Unsworth

After graduating in physics at Leeds University in the early 1960s I had a career in medical physics. I came to Barnsley Hospital in 1979 to set up a medical physics department. I have a lifelong commitment to the NHS and its basic principle of universal healthcare free at the point of use.

Barnsley Hospital became a Foundation Trust on 1st January 2005. I had then already retired from paid employment and I became one of the Trust’s first elected public governors, serving 12 years, including eight years as Lead Governor. I decided at the end of 2016 to stand down from the Council of Governors, The Lead Governor role is a demanding one and there were other pressures on my availability at that time.

I have always sought to be active in the community and I have served as an elected member of Barnsley Council, school governor, magistrate for 28 years, and I am still a member of Penistone Town Council.

I decided in the autumn of 2018 that I wished to come back as a public governor, so I put in my nomination and, with others, was elected unopposed. Unfortunately there were not enough nominations to require an election. The Council of Governors is the voice of the local community in the Trust and I would encourage more people from our community in Barnsley to put their names forward whenever elections to the Council of Governors are announced.

Graham Worsdale

I have been a volunteer at Barnsley Hospital for nearly three years. My family and I have been patients of the hospital on a number of occasions over the sixteen years we have lived in the Barnsley area. Through these experiences I have developed some understanding of the issues faced by patients, their families, staff and volunteers. I aim to use this knowledge to further enhance the work of the Hospital by contributing to discussions and decision making as a Governor using the skills and experience I gained as a senior manager.

The majority of my working life was spent in Universities where as a senior academic I had responsibility for the recruitment, management and development of staff, the recruitment of students, the management of budgets, strategic development and the management of quality and standards. Since retiring from full time work I have continued to undertake quality assurance work in the UK and overseas in relation to organisations having to meet statutory body requirements. My managerial experience builds upon my academic background and research in statistics and systems.

Staff Governors

Colin Brotherston-Barnett

Having worked at Barnsley Hospital for the past 11 years, nearly 10 of these in occupational health as a staff counsellor, one thing that has been reinforced again and again is that we have truly amazing staff. I’m proud to work for the NHS and I’m proud to help represent our staff as a Governor. It’s challenging times for people working in the NHS and my role as Equality, Diversity & Inclusion lead for the hospital and the CCG helps me to ensure that patients, carers, relatives and staff are treated with dignity and respect. This is my second year as a Governor and I look forward to helping our diverse organisation  be the best it can be.  It feels really special being part of the Council of Governors. There is a great wealth of expertise, passion and generosity of spirit amongst them, not to mention that they’re incredibly nice people too.

Emma Cotney

Helen Doyle

Claire Grant

I have been a nurse for 29 years and have been in a variety of roles in that time. I have worked in Nursing all around the World, but my heart lies in Barnsley where I started my career. I am extremely proud to currently be the Chief Nursing Information Officer for the Trust, and excited for the future of the digital agenda in our Hospital.

My role as a staff Governor enables me to use all of my experience and be a voice for my clinical colleagues in a forum that can truly make a difference. I also cascade relevant information back to the staff of the Trust to ensure they are informed.

My role as a staff Governor enables me to effectively be the link from board to ward.’

Ray Raychaudhuri

I have been a clinician for 25 years, Clinical Manager for 5 years and a Governor for 5/6 years. I have learnt to represent facts and views meaningfully to the council members and ensure clinical risks are mitigated and dealt with appropriately. I also act as a conduit between the board members and the public Governors to represent facts pragmatically. My background knowledge of the Trust and the patients helps me to highlight patient quality issues more succinctly.

Partner Governors

David Akeroyd – Barnsley College

Paul Ardron – Sheffield Hallam University, Faculty of Health and Wellbeing

Martin Jackson – Representative Joint Trades Union Committee

John Marshall – Barnsley CVS

Professor Michelle Marshall – Sheffield Medical School

Chris Millington – Lay Member, Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group

Responsible for Public and Patient Involvement.

Chair of Primary Care Committee, Chair of Barnsley Patient Council .

Sits on Governing Body of NHS Barnsley.

Born in Barnsley, family of two daughters and four grandchildren. Worked in the retail motor trade, starting on shop floor, rising to be Main Board Director

Passionate About customer care, and getting things done at pace. Looking forward to bringing care closer to home and reducing inequality of care across the whole of Barnsley

Determined to support our great local hospital to be better than the best.

Excited about changing the way we deliver care via. All of our health and wellbeing partnerships.

Councillor Jenny Platts, Barnsley MBC

I am a partner Governor from Barnsley MBC where I have been a local Councillor for 12 years representing the St Helens Ward.  I am the Cabinet Spokesperson for Communities and also a member of the Barnsley Health and Wellbeing Board.

I have considerable knowledge and experience of listening, working with and representing residents of Barnsley.

I have been a member of the Governing Council at the hospital for 9 years and have been involved with interview panels and CQC inspections and regularly attend the Quality and Governance Sub-Group.  I have also been involved in many inspections and ward visits, giving me the opportunity to speak with patients about their personal experiences as an in-patient