The Council of Governors is made up of:

  • Sixteen patient and public governor seats
  • Six staff seats
  • Seven nominated governor seats from partner organisations

Council of Governors 2018

Public Governors

Kathryn Armitage

I am a semi-retired, qualified accountant, who has lived in Barnsley for the majority of my life. I was a Finance Director for a division of a large PLC for 25 years and the continuing trend of declining revenue led to ongoing cost reductions. The aim however was to ensure that the quality of service was maintained and customer needs were met. I challenged any cost saving plans I thought were not achievable and ensured that the executive team were aware of any slippage so that corrective action could be taken. I managed many of the cost savings projects and ensured that all the relevant managers and staff were involved in the changes.

Michelle Bailey

As Managing Director of a leading Security company my background involves safeguarding people. 2016 saw my initiative of the BeeSafe campaign to Safeguard Children. I understand good governance and the benefits that arise from working in a team. My daily duties involve leadership skills and the need to be a good communicator. I feel sure these will be helpful in achieving objectives that result in patient benefits.

Andrew Bogg

I have worked in the NHS for 22 years and for the last 16 years as a nurse. I feel my knowledge and experiences helps me in this role. I am also the co-chair of the local LGBT forum and also the gender equality forum. This has given me an opportunity to address inequalities for protected characteristic communities and work closely with local providers to provide a robust framework in addressing these issues. Through the work I have done my confidence and skills have enabled me to provide a voice for people who otherwise may have been unable to vocalise their needs but to also empower them to have their own voice in the future.

I would like to be able to make sure that our community has the top level of care they so richly deserve.

Pauline Buttling

Being local and having worked in the NHS I am aware of the constant change being imposed on health care. This brings anxiety for all involved in the Trust. From my professional experience I am familiar with managing change and being able to view issues objectively without being influenced by external issues. I enjoy talking to patients and service users using their feedback to represent their opinions and debate the issues in my role as a governor in meetings. I always bring my enthusiasm and previous experience to contribute to the Governing Council’s ability to ensure the success of the Trust in the provision of high quality health care in Barnsley.

Tony Dobell

In 3 years as a Governor, I have represented the people of Barnsley in a number of ways. I am the audit liaison Governor and vice chair of the two main committees of the governing body. I have participated in Ward visits, in discussions and questioning and in the writing of reports. I belong to no political party or other pressure group so I have no particular point to push. My only concern is to achieve the best health provision possible for the people of Barnsley. Previously, I was principal of Barnsley Sixth Form College for twelve years and an Ofsted inspector for 11 years, so I am well used to ensuring that people work effectively. I have valued my 3 years as a governor of Barnsley hospital and I believe that Governors can really make a difference.

Tony Grierson

I was a coroner’s officer for a number of years and gained an insight into the workings of the hospital regarding the sad occasions when patients died in the hospital and attending post mortems. I hold the Board of Directors to account on your behalf.

Alan Higgins

As someone with Director and Senior Management experience outside the NHS I have developed the skills required to communicate and challenge successfully at all levels of large, complex, cost driven organisations. My specific experience involves supply chain negotiations, food product development, technical innovation and systems auditing whilst working in a fast moving retail environment. My technical background includes auditing and attention to detail, this would enable me to successfully contribute as part of a team to the challenges faced around providing ever-increasing value for money services and budget management.

My areas of interest are Diabetes care and associated disciplines such as Ophthalmology and Podiatry along with a keen interest in infection control. These areas of healthcare are placing huge demands on the NHS and are something that I would like to see a particular focus on.

Karen Kanee

I have been a kidney patient for the past 20 years so believe I understand some of what patients want from a local hospital. I was previously on dialysis at Barnsley and I had a transplant in March so would like to give something back to the NHS now my health has improved.

I have worked in the Ambulance Service for 13 years. I have lots of experience working with staff, management and other organisations. I started in the Ambulance Service as a 999 Call Handler and after various roles ended up working with the Board of Directors. I understand the NHS and the systems within and I can give knowledge to other governors when needed.

Steve Long

I am a civil servant who has managed large numbers of staff across the UK. My work requires communicating with people across  all walks of life at various levels from Cabinet Ministers to the man in the street. I have been involved in budgeting at local and national level and understand the need for economy whilst at the same time achieving value for money and a continuation of services. I was responsible for developing Departmental policy on mental health and debt and continue to drive its evolution forward. I am constantly in communication with many voluntary sector groups at national level and represent Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs on a number of Steering Groups within the sector. I have no political affiliation and will bring an entirely independent approach to the role

Annie Moody

I recently retired from the Civil Service where I had a variety of roles, most recently managing a national project to improve the experience of customers who needed to contact my Government Department. This involved communicating with staff and senior managers, customers and customer service organisations to ensure the needs of all parties were taken into account. I am used to communicating with a variety of people at all levels, and to both chairing and taking part in meetings, using my experience and willingness to listen to all sides to obtain information on a wide range of views, then analysing responses and developing appropriate recommendations acceptable to all parties based on that information.

A big part of that work included the need to achieve an acceptable balance between customer needs and cost effectiveness.

Harshad Patel

I possess the ability for strategic thinking, the vision to see problems and issues from a wider perspective in making appropriate linkages; scrutinise data and statistics and challenge views without being confrontational. I am able to communicate and consult effectively in public meetings, with media, local communities partner agencies and able to represent the views and interests of all parties concerned. I possess a good understanding of community views in shaping policies aimed at engaging local communities. I can interpret and question complex written material, and identify salient points in drawing valid conclusions. I am capable of playing an effective role in committees’, partnerships through listening, persuading and showing respect for all the tabled views.

I have the self-confidence, decisiveness, enthusiasm and drive with the skills to challenge accepted views constructively. I have the necessary training and experience in appointing people to responsible posts. I have the respect for everyone and the capacity to treat all the people fairly with dignity; I value diversity and respond sensitively to differences and changes in organisations

Carol Robb

I have experience of board meetings and I also have experience of putting views, issues and concerns of others to the right people or department. This experience has helped me greatly in my role as a governor. I keep confidentiality at all times. I am honest, reliable and punctual. As a recent wheelchair user I feel I can give a unique perspective on some issues.

Robert Slater

My experience as a Director and Company Secretary for a local engineering company has enabled me to have a full insight into people management and financial statements. I have had experience of managing teams and the responsibility for meeting annual financial targets, therefore I understand the importance of governance and accountability working within a hospital environment with strict budget controls.I am aware of the needs to extract value and effective target resources. I always bring my energy, enthusiasm and professional experience to contribute towards the ongoing success of the Trust.


Staff Governors

Colin Brotherston-Barnett

Tony Conway

I have had various clinical treatment in the hospital i.e Orthopedic Surgery, Day Surgery, Other Outpatients, Treatment, on various wards within the Hospital. I have worked in Patient Liason Service i.e PALS for approx 15 years dealing and helping with various concerns. I accept I still have a lot to learn to gain more knowledge to improve myself and adopt a more professional attitude.

Emma Cotney

Helen Dixon

Claire Grant

Gwyn Morritt

Ray Raychaudhuri

I have been a clinician for 25 years, Clinical Manager for 5 years and a Governor for 5/6 years. I have learnt to represent facts and views meaningfully to the council members and ensure clinical risks are mitigated and dealt with appropriately. I also act as a conduit between the board members and the public Governors to represent facts pragmatically. My background knowledge of the Trust and the patients helps me to highlight patient quality issues more succinctly.