Freedom of information requests

How to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act

This Act does not allow people a right of access to their own personal data such as their health or personnel records. 

If a member of the public wishes to see information that the Trust hold about them then a subject access request should be made under the Data Protection Act 1998.

You might find the information you are looking for about Barnsley Hospital in statistics published by NHS England.

  1. Please check our publications section to see if any of the documents contain the information you require.
  2. Check our FOI disclosure log as your information may have been provided as part of a previous request.
  3. If you still haven’t found what you are looking for then please make a request to us in writing either by letter or email. The Trust cannot accept a verbal request for information.
  4. Ensure that you include a contact name and address in your request. This can be a physical or email address as long as we know where to forward your response.
  5. Try to include as much detail as possible, in your request, about the information you require. This helps us when processing your request.
  6. Please be aware that the Act operates an appropriate cost limit. Therefore if the time and resource taken to provide your information exceeds that limit the Trust can apply a charge to your request. If this is the case the Trust will provide you with a fees notice and advise that you narrow the scope of your request.

For further details on the Freedom of Information Act 2000, exemptions, the appropriate cost limit and more please visit the Information Commissioner’s website:

Making a request Electronically

Please send your request to

Making a request by Post

  • Write to:
    Information Governance Team
    Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
    Gawber Road
    S75 2EP

For further information on the Act or guidance in any Information Governance issues please contact us on 01226 432017.

FOI disclosure log

Freedom of Information Policy

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