The Care Certificate

You’ll be expected to complete the Care Certificate if you’re 'new to care'

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You can also complete the Care Certificate if you’re working in a non-care working role, for example if you work as a cook or within maintenance.

It might not always be necessary to complete the full workbook if you have worked in care for a period of time. In this instance, you could complete the self-assessment tool.

For help deciding if completing the care certificate or the self assessment tool is right for you, have a look at this flow chart guide. Alternatively, ask a member of our team for advice.

Read more about the Care Certificate on the Skills for Care website.

Completing the Care Certificate

The Care Certificate should be used as part of your induction. It sets out fundamental skills that you’ll need to work competently, in health and social care.

You’ll be assessed on what you know and what you do. This is so you can show you understand, and can carry out the standards of care needed for your role.

Each standard must be completed and assessed before you can work un-supervised. This should happen at the beginning of your employment and can be carried out in a phased way. As you meet each individual standard, you could be allowed to do the areas of work covered by that standard without direct supervision, while still needing supervision in other areas.

You could use the learning from the Care Certificate towards some existing qualifications and apprenticeships in the future, though periodic refreshers may be required. Make sure you keep your certificate safe and any other documentation, for example your workbook, that you think could be useful in the future.

The workforce development team’s pastoral support workers, are here to support you throughout your Care Certificate completion. They can guide you through participating in the Care Certificate study days and healthcare support worker induction, as well as providing one-to-one support with completing your Care Certificate workbook. 

To achieve overall completion of The Care Certificate it is important to note that  a 12-week completion timeframe is given to all staff. Compliance with Trust mandatory training and attendance at both Care Certificate study days must also be achieved, to ensure overall compliance, and meet the requirements to be awarded The Care Certificate. Failure to complete these may delay your completion.

For help, support or enquires please email or call the Workforce Development Team on: