Clinical skills training

Non-medical clinical skills training is now available. Theory training and assessment is completed on and practical sessions are delivered by our in-house team.

Illustration of a nurse caring for a patient in a hospital bed

To book a practical session, please call the Workforce Development Team on: 01226432157

Our sessions cover the following skills:

  • venepuncture
  • blood cultures
  • cannulation
  • IV additives and bolus
  • catheterisation (male and female)
  • ABG sampling
  • blood glucose
  • nasogastric tube insertion

Please note: You are required to complete and pass the relevant theory assessment on PRIOR to booking and attending a practical session.

If you are not compliant with your theory training on attendance you will be turned away, so please ensure this is completed beforehand.

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Please contact Workforce Development for help with all enquires related to access and support.

You must ensure you have completed all of the following stages to be competent in each skill:

  1. Passed the relevant theory assessment(s) on clinical
  2. Attended the practical session
  3. Be signed off by an assessor competent in the skill from direct observations
  4. Return the final sign off from to our team within 3 months of attending the session (scanned electronically or internal post) - make sure you keep one and give one copy to your line manager too!

Without ALL of the above steps completed, you are not competent to practice the skill independently.

Please email completed competencies to our generic email: