Student Induction and Training

Before coming to Barnsley Hospital as a student you should have received an email from the Student Support Team with instructions. If you have not received this email please contact our support team on 01226 432157 or


You will be required to complete a mandatory Trust Induction on the first day of your placement with us via Page Tiger- an online interactive website. Dependant on your profession, this may last from 4 to 7.5 hours. The online trust induction does not replace your local induction which should take place on your first day of placement in your clinical area. Once you have completed the mandatory student induction you must call our office to arrange appointments for access badges and/or virtual smartcard activation. This training must be completed every academic year. 

If your placement includes moving and handling you must receive an update locally from your mentor on the equipment used in that department and the trust policies and procedures.


Clinical System Access

Whilst on placement here at Barnsley you will be given access to clinical systems relevant to the area you are based. However, you must complete the relevant training through Page Tiger first. This link can be found on the Welcome Email from Student Support. 

Blood Glucose

If you are involved in the measurement of Blood Glucose in Adult patients only, then you will be required to attend a training session.

This training is bookable within the email sent to you prior to starting your placement if applicable, please contact the Student Support Admin team on for further information.

If you are a returning student and completed the training more than 12 months ago then you will need to arrange a refresher session with the Diabetes Link Nurse on your placement area as your barcode will have expired

Mask Fit Testing

If you need this training, please contact the Student Support Admin team on for further information on booking an appointment.


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