A non-BHNFT member of staff may request access to Trust applications where there is a legitimate need which supports patient care and safety.

If you wish to make a request, please complete an External Information Sharing Request Proform and return to barnsley@infreemation.co.uk for consideration.

Please note:

  • Access to Trust applications will only be granted to those with a legitimate need.
  • Access will only be given to those applications which support the purpose of the request. For example, a request for access to the Trust Electronic Patient Record will be declined if the purpose of the request is to check patient demographics as this can be achieved via the Summary Care Record.
  • A Smartcard will be required before access to Trust applications can be granted. If you do not yet have a Smartcard then please follow your internal RA01 process.
  • Please complete the External Information Sharing Request Proforma with enough detail for the Trust to determine legitimate access. Proforma’s that do not provide enough detail will be declined and returned to your organisation.
  • If your External Information Sharing request is successful you will be asked to complete an RA02 Form and return to barnsley@infreemation.co.uk