VJ_BHNHSFT_26May11_0088Around 7% of adults with a learning disability are parents. Most of them have mild learning disabilities that might mean they do not have any formal diagnoses. It is therefore paramount to identify their needs and provide them with additional support.

The Learning Disability Liaison Nurse and the team are committed to ensure that women with learning disabilities receive additional support and reasonable adjustments throughout their pregnancy, labour and post-natal care. It can include help with stress and anxiety, accessing services, giving extra time at appointments, adjusted communication, easy read materials, involvement of carers, and liaison with other professionals and services.

Barnsley Hospital delivers Learning Disability Awareness training as part of its mandatory trainings to its maternity staff to ensure woman with learning disabilities gets the right support. If you need any support or have a question please contact the Learning Disability Liaison Nurse.

Our team is equipped with the “My Pregnancy My Choice” guide to pregnancy in pictures and easy words published by Change 2013 to support you throughout pregnancy. We aim to provide you with individualised easy read materials in accordance with the stage of you pregnancy and unique circumstances.

My pregnancy my choice

My pregnancy my choice 2