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At Barnsley Hospital there is a reasonable adjustment patient alert system in place for all identified patients with a learning disability. However, not all patient with learning disabilities are in the alert system. Therefore, all hospital staff and the learning disability liaison nurse aim to identify all the patients who might need reasonable adjustments when delivering care.

Before admission:

Whenever a person with learning disabilities have a planned hospital admission, the Liaison Learning Disability Nurse is contacted who can offer support and advice. Hospital staff will be informed, a named nurse identified and the All About Me document completed. Pre-arrangements can include arranging the admission, drawing up the treatment plan, arranging any special resources that might be required on admission, liaising and informing all professionals who  might will be involved in the delivery of care. The main carer and the patient should take active part in every step of the process. Barnsley Hospital can also provide patients and their carers with easy read materials.

During Admission:

Full nursing and medical assessment will be carried out taking into account the patient needs. This might involve combining assessment tools, flexible methods, and using additional resources such as a communication aid. The main carer should be involved in the whole process.  Barsnley Hospital has developed the Acute Needs Risk Assessment (Learning Disabilities) Tools to ensure patients with learning disabilities receive the additional support they require. If surgical intervention is required, theatre and recovery staff will be informed that the patient has learning disabilities. A pre-operative visit by theatre will be made and the Learning Disability Liasion Nurse will also be involved to offer advice and support.

Attendance to the Emergency department:

When a person with learning disabilities is admitted to the Emergency Department, staff attempt to identify the main carer as soon as possible. Contact should be made with the Learning Disability Liaison Nurse who can assist with assessment, communication and liaison. In an emergency situation however, urgent decision might have to be made and immediate actions to be taken in the person’s best interest.

Discharge from hospital:

Patients with learning disabilities usually require complex discharge planning that should start at the time of admission. Patients and their carers should be fully involved in the process. The Liaison Nurse ensures a co-ordinated approach and can assist by informing the Community Learning Disability Team or other specialist services and arranging follow-up services.

During hospital stay:

During your stay, hospital staff will make every reasonable steps to assist you. It involves adjusting our communication, providing you with easy read material, liaising with carers and professionals, and using additional resources. Barnsley Hospital can provide patients with learning disabilities with additional aids such as IPad, Books, Talking Photo Albums, Wall Projector, CD Player, Fiddly Fidgets, Visual Sensory Tub, Recordable Speech Bubbles, TV/DVD Player, Communication Books, Toys and further aids.

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