The Trust’s current strategy was developed a few years ago and so earlier this year we started work on developing a new five year strategy. The Covid-19 pandemic has fast-tracked a lot of change for the NHS and has given all NHS organisations a need to reset and refocus their vision for the longer term.

Today we are launching the new strategy which runs from now until 2027. It captures the new mission for the Trust and our six new strategic goals to help us achieve this.

We believe this strategy will shape an exciting, new and sustainable future for our services and the people of Barnsley.  We have clear ambitions for the next five years that will build on our previous work using continuous quality improvement and introduce innovative new ways of working and new technology to improve our services and deliver holistic care that balances both the physical and mental health needs of our patients and service users.

Underpinning all of this work will be an active focus on culture so that we provide a kind, caring and compassionate environment for our patients, service users and staff that makes us the healthcare provider of choice for care and the best place to work.

Our mission is simple:  To provide the best possible care for the people of Barnsley and beyond at all stages of their life.

Supporting this, we have extended our previous four ‘P’s’ of Patients, People, Performance and Partner to include Place and Planet.

  • Best for Patients and the Public – we will provide the best possible care for our patients and service users.
  • Best for People – we will make out Trust the best place to work
  • Best for Performance – we will meet our performance targets and continuously strive to deliver sustainable services
  • Best Partner – we will work with our partners within the South Yorkshire Integrated Care System to deliver improved and integrated patient pathways
  • Best for Place – we will fulfil our ambition to be at the heart of the Barnsley place partnership to improve patient services, support a reduction in health inequalities and improve population health
  • Best for Planet – we will build on our sustainability work to date and reduce our impact on the environment.

Our Values remain as important as ever alongside our goals:

Our organisation and the country have been hit by the biggest challenge of our lifetime through 2020 and 2021 with the pandemic but we will recover and build back better from the impact of Covid-19.  This strategy looks beyond the pandemic to how we will ambitiously deliver new and modern services over the coming years.  We have developed our strategic plans in consultation with our staff, patients, the public and our partners.  Through this strategy we will continuously improve our services, support the health and wellbeing of our workforce, introduce new and innovative ways of working and significantly contribute to improving population health and reducing health inequalities in Barnsley and beyond.

Read our strategy here…/2022-27-Trust-Strategy.pdf