The DadPad app has arrived in Barnsley!

Becoming a new dad will be an exciting chapter in many people’s lives. However, as with any big change it can also leave dads feeling left out, unsure and overwhelmed. That’s where DadPad can help.

Partnership news
A father holds their baby on a windy beach

Developed with the NHS, DadPad is a free online app that provides new dads and dads-to-be with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to support themselves and their partner, so that their babies get the best possible start in life.

Through the app, dads will be able to access:

  • Information and guidance that covers a range of topics from antenatal care to home safety
  • Details of local support groups for both dads and their partners
  • Information about local services available

To reap all the benefits of this new app, follow the instructions on the DadPad website to download the app today.

Do you know of any new fathers or fathers-to-be? Share this information about DadPad with them to support them on their new and exciting journey.

Read the full news release on the council’s website for more information.