Keeping in touch with family and friends

We want to do all we can to support patients to remain connected to family and friends, during your stay in hospital. Due to a range of circumstances, your relatives or friends may not be able to physically visit you in hospital. If this is the case, there’s a number of other ways in which our team can support you to keep in touch with loved ones. 

Send a message to a loved one

You can send a message to your loved one via email. All you need to do is send your personal email message to together with the name of your loved one and the ward they are on (please do not worry if you do not know this, we will find your loved one for you).

Your personal message will be printed and placed inside one of our specially designed message cards and hand delivered to your loved one. If you would rather call us with your message, you can do this too. We will hand-write your personal message into one of our message cards and hand deliver to your loved one.

Please ring us and leave your message on 01226 436302. Any messages received over the weekend will be written and hand-delivered first thing on Monday morning. 

Arrange a video call

We have the facilities to set this up for you. Your details will be provided to ward staff so they can arrange a call between you and your loved one. To arrange this service please contact the Patient Experience team on 01226 436302 or via email This service is available Monday to Friday. 


Information for people who would like to visit a patient at Barnsley Hospital.

Become a member of Barnsley Hospital

People and staff from all walks of life become members. They elect the Council of Governors and help shape hospital services in Barnsley for the benefit of local people.

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