When will you be invited?

You will automatically get your first invite letter in the post for your breast screening between the ages of 50 and 53 if you are registered at a GP surgery.

You’ll then get an invitation every three years between the ages of 50 and 71.  After your 71st birthday you are able to self-refer to continue having your breast screening every 36 months.

How to book your appointment

If you have received a letter asking you to book your breast screening appointment, please call the breast screening team on 01226 432100.

If you have missed your appointment or need to change the time of your appointment, please contact the team using the same number.

What happens at your breast screening appointment

During your breast screening you’ll have 4 breast X-rays (mammograms), 2 for each breast.

The mammograms are done by a specialist called a mammographer. The mammographer will be female.

Each mammogram will only take a few minutes. Your appointment should only last approximately 20 minutes.

Below is a short video which demonstrates what you can expect at your appointment.

Unless you have been told otherwise, your appointment will take place at our new Community Diagnostics Centre. This is a state-of-the-art facility in The Glass Works shopping centre in Barnsley town centre. For further information about this facility and how to find it please see our Community Diagnostic Centre page.

Please visit NHS.uk for further information about breast screening.

If you have any concerns about your breast screening appointment, please get in touch with our dedicated team who can answer any questions by calling 01226 432 100.

Community Diagnostic Centre
Practical details for anyone attending an appointment at our CDC.