Our Community Child Health Department is part of the Integrated Paediatric Services at Barnsley Hospital. We provide care for children and young people up to the age of 18 years.

We are a multi professional team of doctors, specialist nurses, and an autism case co-ordinator, working together with the child and the family in Barnsley’s community.

This is a proactive, highly dynamic and innovative service. Community child health service works in close relationship with professionals and teams in education, social care, CAMHS and children’s therapy services in Barnsley.

The service is based at New Street Health Centre where some clinics are carried out as well as administrative and office base. However, there are various clinics in various parts of Barnsley district including hospital, special schools and health centres.

Clinics provided in the community paediatric service Include:

Locality clinics – These are provided by consultant paediatricians, specialty doctor and specialist nurses.  These are within the locality of the child’s residence.

Neurodisability clinics – Clinics are provided for children with various physical or learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, various syndromes and complex needs.

Looked after children’s initial health assessments – These are provided by a Consultant Paediatrician and specialist doctor.

Secondary Care Specialist Enuresis Clinics – These are provided by the Associate Specialist and the Specialist Neurodisability Nurse.  Children are accepted through our referral panel.

Adoption Panel – The Consultant Paediatrician provides reports of health conditions for foster carers and carries out adoption and pre adoption medical examinations on children who are considered for adoption.

Special Educational Needs Assessment – Consultant Paediatricians, Specialist Nurses and Speciality Doctor provide the medical advice for children undergoing special educational needs assessment.

Designated Doctor Safeguarding – This role is provided by a Consultant Paediatrician attending safeguarding board meetings, involved in formulating local guidelines and policies, attending serious case reviews etc.

Autism Specific Neurodevelopmental Assessment Clinic – These clinics are carried out at New Street Health Centre by the Consultant Paediatricians.  Working as part of a collaborative, multidisciplinary team, an assessment is undertaken to complete the journey for children undergoing assessment for suspected social communication disorder.

Multi Agency Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) /Community Paediatrics Liaison Clinic – This clinic happens on a monthly basis between Community Paediatricians and CAMHS with input from other agencies namely education for pre school children presenting with behavior and mental health problems in community paediatrics.

Monthly Multi Agency Meetings – These are regular meetings of Barnsley Child Development Team when representatives from different agencies and other disciplines namely community paedaitrics, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy meet to discuss holistic management of children with neurodevelopmental problems.