The endoscopy service is located within the Day Surgery Unit at Barnsley Hospital.

You will usually be referred to us by your hospital consultant after your outpatient appointment where your need for an endoscopy will have been discussed with you.

On arrival, your admission nurse will explain what will happen during your stay. You will be asked about your past medical history, present medicine, any allergies that you may have and your arrangements for going home.  Do not hesitate to ask the nurse or endoscopist if there is anything about which you are uncertain.  Shortly before the test you will change into your nightwear and dressing gown.

Sedation is not routinely given for our endoscopy procedures, but if you feel you may need sedation, please inform your admission nurse who will pass this information to the endoscopist undertaking the procedure.

If you have any problems regarding transport please contact the appointments centre on 01226 434343 at least 48 hours before your admission date.

After Your Procedure

After the procedure, the endoscopist will be able to tell you what was seen at examination.  However, if biopsies have been taken, the results may take several days.  You will then be taken to the ward recovery area where the nursing team will care for you until you feel well enough to go home.  You will be given all the medication and information you need for once you get home and what to do if you have any further concerns.

Frequently asked questions


Preparing for surgery or a general anaesthetic
You must not eat any solid food or drink any non-clear liquids within 6 hours of a general anaesthetic. Read more...

Words you might hear

Anaesthesia means "loss of sensation". Medications that cause anaesthesia are called anaesthetics.

General Anaesthetic
Where you're totally unconscious and unaware of the procedure – often used for more serious operations

Local Anaesthetic
Where a small area of the body is numbed and you remain fully conscious – often used during minor procedures