A twice weekly Gynaecology Fast Track Clinic is held. Patients are referred to this service from their GP through the Two Week Wait referral system. Symptoms include Post Menopausal Bleeding, ovarian / pelvic masses, cervical and vulval lesions, persistent post coital bleeding.

Possible investigations include:

  • Biopsies
  • Ultrasound Scans
  • CT and MRI Scans
  • Blood Tests
  • Hysteroscopy

North Trent Cancer network NSSG guidelines are followed for investigation, treatment and follow up.

Diagnostic tests and treatments for early cervical and endometrial cancers are performed here at Barnsley.

We are part of the North Trent Gynaecological Cancer network and have strong links with Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (The Royal Hallamshire and Weston Park Hospital). Sheffield is accredited as the Gynaecological Cancer Centre where the majority of our patients receive their treatment.

Complex surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments are provided in Sheffield.

Weekly specialist Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) meetings are held. Surgeons, Oncologists, Radiologists,  Histopathologists and Clinical Nurse specialists attend. This coordinated approach ensures that women receive high levels of appropriately planned care.

The Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) provides support and information to women referred to the service throughout their cancer pathway.