About the Vascular Access Service

Over time the PICC service has evolved and now could better be known as a Vascular Access Service. The team now places a range of vascular devices including midlines and peripheral cannula. Midline devices are specialist cannulas placed in the upper arm that can remain in place for 6-10 weeks and don’t require x-ray for confirmation of correct site. Midlines were placed in 54% of patients in 2017-2018 allowing the team to be more productive as PICC line insertion is more time intensive.

The service runs an ‘open door’ policy for patients in the community who have devices placed by the team. Patients can contact the service by phone for advice and make appointments to see a member of staff for any concerns about their lines. We have surveillance and troubleshooting of devices for inpatients and the service is integral to the Outpatients Antimicrobial Team (OPAT), Diabetic foot clinics and the Nutritional Team providing access for parenteral nutrition.

Its scope also includes:

  1. Assessment of patient for right device choice
  2. Placement of devices (PICC, midline, cannulae or central line)
  3. Dressing administration
  4. Maintenance of devices
  5. Resolution of problems associated with device
  6. Surveillance of devices
  7. Audit
  8. Open access to all inpatients with devices
  9. Education

Vascular Access documents

Contact details – 01226 431475 , Mobile 07821805028

Information for outpatients
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