Assessment and Rehabilitation Unit

The Assessment and Rehabilitation Unit (ARU) provides assistance for patients with complex conditions through individual and group therapy programmes.

Four older people take part in a group therapy exercise class.

Healthcare provided

The Assessment and Rehabilitation Unit (ARU) has numerous specialised clinics for complex conditions along with a multi-disciplinary team that offers individual and group therapy programmes on a weekly basis.

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We specialise in a range of conditions that affect older people:


Our stroke follow up clinic provides further review for patients discharged from the acute stroke unit who may be affected by a stroke. The aim of the clinic is to prevent any further occurrences, maximize recovery potential, review investigations and any ongoing treatment/management.

Patients with suspected stroke who have not been admitted to the Acute Stroke Unit are also referred from GP practices. 

There are 2 stroke follow up clinics per week; one led by the stroke consultant and the other led by the stroke specialist nurse. 

Transient ischaemic attack (TIA)

In addition to the stroke follow up clinic, we have a daily nurse led rapid access TIA clinic for patients who have had a suspected TIA.

Referrals to this clinic are via the Emergency department or a GP practice.

Parkinson's disease

We have a dedicated Parkinson’s Disease nurse specialist who works closely with patients across Barnsley - within the ARU, and within the community. 

A specialist Parkinson’s disease clinic is run by both the nurse specialist and our consultant Parkinson’s specialist, Dr Al-Bazzaz, on a regular basis

Syncope and falls or fraility

Patients with syncope (fainting) and unexplained falls will be referred to the specialist Falls and Syncope Team, who help with the diagnosis and management of these types of conditions.

Bladder and bowel dysfunction

The aim of this clinic is to assess and treat continence conditions, and help people and carers manage continence problems more effectively.

There are weekly consultants and nurse led clinics.

Co-ordinating care with the community continence team, helps maintain appropriate and effective continence care.

Chronic degenerative disease

If your consultant feels you have the potential for rehabilitation or need support from ARU, you will be referred and an assessment will be performed, by a multi-disciplinary team.

The team consists of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and nursing staff; who with, any problems can be discussed and a programme of treatment implemented as appropriate.