Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC)

Same Day Emergency Care is the provision of same day care for emergency patients who would otherwise be admitted to hospital.

A nurse speaks to a patient who is seated

Healthcare provided

Under the Same Day Emergency Care model, patients presenting at hospital with relevant conditions can be rapidly assessed, diagnosed and treated without being admitted to a ward. If it is clinically safe to do so, they will go home the same day their care is provided. 

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust runs surgical SDEC and medical SDEC. You will be told which one to attend.

If you are being discharged from the emergency department to return to SDEC the next day please ensure that the emergency department has the correct telephone number for you. You may be given an appointment time to attend SDEC before you leave the department.

To find both SDEC departments enter the hospital through the emergency department entrance and turn right. Follow the corridor until you see both departments sign posted.

Get in touch

Call medical SDEC on
01226 432452

Call surgical SDEC on
01226 436313

What will happen during your visit?

You will have been referred by a clinician who feels that you require an assessment or treatment by a specialist in acute medicine or surgery, and you do not require admission to hospital.

It is not expected that you need to bring any nightwear, but where possible please bring any regular medications that you take. 

Initial assessment

You will be greeted by a member of nursing staff who will complete an initial assessment. They will ask you to explain your symptoms and the background leading up to your illness. They will take a set of observations and may take blood tests and insert a cannula.


Nursing, medical and surgical staff may arrange investigations, such as blood tests, x-rays or other scans. There will be a period of waiting for results to be available, during which your condition will be monitored by the staff within the unit.

Treatment plan

Once your results are known, you will be reviewed and a treatment plan will be made for you, which will usually commence on the unit. Where possible, arrangements will be made for you to continue the treatment at home.

Next steps and clinic returns

Once your stay in SDEC is complete, and a hospital admission is not required, you will be able to go home. Staff will let you know the next steps before you leave. Follow up may be required, this may include returning to the unit for repeat investigations or review of treatment. An appointment date and time will be provided and you may need to go for x-rays or other scans prior to returning. But this will be explained to you prior to leaving.

If a short hospital stay is needed, this will be discussed with you and you will be transferred to the acute medical unit or short stay unit or a surgical ward, where your ongoing treatment and management will continue.

John’s Story

John, a former patient, talks about his experience of surgical same day emergency care. 

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