Acorn Rehabilitation Unit

Our Acorn Unit is for people who need extra support, care and rehabilitation. Acorn provides care that prevents many hospital stays and supports patients on discharge from the hospital. 

The unit is for patients whose intermediate care and rehabilitation cannot be provided in their own homes.

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Who is the Acorn Unit for?

Staff on the unit work closely with you, your carers and community health and social care staff to provide therapeutic assessment and treatment. People will usually stay in the unit for around two weeks. 

The Acorn Unit aims to support people to achieve optimal independence. 

You might be referred to the Acorn Unit if:

  • You are registered with a Barnsley GP
  • You have been unwell, or have been in hospital, and may require a further period of rehabilitation before going home or to your usual place of residence
  • You are currently in hospital and have been identified as medically well enough for discharge but require ongoing support
  • You have been seen by the hospital or community therapy or nursing team and would benefit from intermediate care intervention

Get in touch

Call the Acorn Unit's nurses on
01226 421 781
24 hours a day

Call the Acorn Unit's therapists on
01226 431 788
8am to 3.30pm

Where is the Acorn Unit?

The Acorn Unit's address

The Acorn Unit is located in Ward 12 at the main Hospital site