Amputee Rehabilitation

The aim of this service is to provide physiotherapy to adults following lower limb amputation.

A person who has had both their legs and arms amputated, sits in a wheelchair whilst a prosthetic arm is fitted.

Amputee rehabilitation services in South Yorkshire

There is no equivalent service offered by NHS Barnsley.

Referrals are mainly received from the Northern General Hospital vascular surgeons or directly from the Northern General Hospital physiotherapists or prosthetics. Referrals may also be from Barnsley Hospital and from other hospitals.

Patients are assessed individually prior to attending treatment classes provided in the gym and initially attend once a week, increasing to twice a week when they receive their limb.

Treatments offered by this service include:

  • Referral back to the Northern General Hospital
  • Phantom pain management
  • Assessment of potential to use a limb
  • Strength training
  • Cardiovascular fitness and conditioning
  • Gait training
  • Measurement for pressure garments
  • Home visits are carried out as necessary
  • Advisory support is given to inpatient staff at Barnsley Hospital and domiciliary staff, regarding any amputee patients they are managing and assist in their referral to Northern General Hospital.

Close links are maintained with the Northern General Hospital with processes in place to ensure continuity of care.

Follow up prosthetic appointments are made and a close liaison is maintained with the multidisciplinary team based at the mobility and specialised, rehab centre.

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