Orthopaedic Enhanced Recovery

Here at Barnsley Hospital we are pleased to be able to offer the Enhanced Recovery Pathway for patients undergoing a total hip or total knee replacement.

A young person with a leg injury walks across a park, assisted by another person, wearing a leg brace and using crutches.

Healthcare provided

The Enhanced Recovery Pathway is a Department of Health and Social Care initiative. The aim of the pathway is to offer you the patient an educational and informative experience. We provide pre-planning to ensure a smooth discharge and multi-professional care to promote a faster recovery with fewer complications.

Our experienced orthopaedic team aim to support your journey from hospital admission to home, within three days.

Total hip replacement pre-operative information

A video made by staff working in orthopaedics at Barnsley Hospital, offering guidance on preparing for total hip replacement surgery.

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Total knee replacement pre-operative information

A video made by staff working in orthopaedics at Barnsley Hospital, offering guidance on preparing for total knee replacement surgery. 

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Stages of the Enhanced Recovery Pathway (ERP)

Prior to your operation

Your GP will refer you to a consultant, who specialises in the Enhanced Recovery Pathway.

Once offered joint replacement surgery you will visit the pre-assessment team so that they can assess if you are medically fit for surgery.

You will be referred to 'joint school' which is an informative session around joint replacement run by an arthroplasty nurse alongside physiotherapists and the occupational therapy team.

You will be given information regarding your surgery. You will be told what to expect, the estimated recovery period and how you can best prepare for your upcoming operation. We will answer any questions you may have regarding your surgery and rehabilitation. We will teach you exercises to help strengthen your joint before surgery. This can positively impact on your recovery.

After joint school, you will be waiting for a date for surgery. On the day of your surgery you will be admitted to the elective orthopaedic ward.

During your hospital stay

You will stay in hospital until you have met the appropriate discharge criteria. This could potentially be on the day of surgery but for most, will mean an overnight stay. Patients who could potentially leave on the day of surgery will be informed, and follow the day-case pathway prior to the operation. You will only be discharged when you are medically fit and have been passed as safe to, by the therapy teams.

We aim to get you up and out of bed on the same day as surgery, and assessed by the therapy team.

You will be referred to the post-operative physiotherapy class in the outpatient gym. This is a rehabilitation class where you will be able to share your experiences with other patients as well as progress in your recovery.

You will be given the arthroplasty helpline details on discharge from the elective ward, and you should contact the arthroplasty nurse directly with any worries or concerns you have in-between your follow-up appointments. This includes excessive leaking from the wound, increased pain and swelling and reduced movement.

You can call the arthroplasty helpline on 07966 245 632.

Following your operation

You will be referred to the arthroplasty nurse led clinic or the operating consultants’ clinic within eight weeks of surgery, for review. This is to make sure you are meeting your recovery goals and to offer any support we can, where needed.

You will then be followed up in clinic by the arthroplasty nurse at one year following your surgery. Here an x-ray of your operated joint will take place.

Eileen's story

A former patient, Eileen, speaks about her experience of 'joint school' ahead of hip replacement surgery. 

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