The orthotic department helps with the treatment and rehabilitation of patients by providing ‘bodily worn devices’ or ‘orthoses’.

A person rests their hand on the seat of their bike; they are showcasing a splint that they are wearing to support the use of their arm and hand.

Healthcare provided

The orthotic department can provide a variety of devices to help with treatment and rehabilitation. These are offered to either remedy or relieve a medical condition or disability, and may prevent the development of more disabling conditions.

These devices include:

  • back supports
  • elastic hosiery
  • insoles
  • knee braces
  • shoes
  • wigs

The department can also loan:

  • elbow crutches
  • Fischer crutches and sticks
  • gutter crutches and frames
  • tripods
  • walking frames and sticks

To obtain an aid from Barnsley Hospital, you have to be under the care of a consultant or other professional in the borough, generally (such as a physiotherapist). You may also be given an aid for your condition following a visit to the emergency department.

If you need a device, your doctor or consultant will make an appointment for you, with the orthotic department.

Most devices need to be ordered or specially made to fit a patient’s measurements and so further appointments will be necessary for your fitting. We have a limited stock supply of devices which can be offered to patients immediately, if suitable.

In some cases, you may be offered a second device for hygiene purposes or for use if the other becomes damaged or you wish to alternate them. Please note that we can only issue replacement devices when your existing one is deemed ‘beyond economical repair’.

Get in touch

Call us on
01226 432746
Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:00pm

Patient Initiated Follow-up (PIFU)

The orthotics team are now offering PIFU appointments. This will have been discussed with you at your last orthotic appointment. The orthotist will have given you details on how to access this service, the timeframe to initiate your appointment and the symptoms to look out for. Please note that for any new symptoms that are unrelated, you should contact your GP or consultant.

Accessibility and travel Information

Visit the AccessAble website for accessibility information and directions for visiting the orthotics department at Barnsley Hospital.