The physiotherapy service is provided by both inpatient and outpatient physiotherapists. The aim of physiotherapy intervention is to provide a level of treatment that will allow a safe and timely outcome or discharge. 

A physiotherapist assists a patient.

Healthcare provided

All patients are treated by qualified physiotherapists that are registered, either on a ward, in the clinical decision unit or in the main physiotherapy department (located within Block A3 - with dermatology and the assessment and rehabilitation unit - in the blue zone.

The physiotherapy service is also able to provide a referral system to other appropriate agencies for follow up treatment.

Inpatient physiotherapy services

All inpatients that have a specific physiotherapy need can be referred to the appropriate physiotherapy team by their consultant or ward staff.

The inpatient physiotherapy team work closely with other health professionals in order to maintain continuity of patient care, as well as being involved in achieving a safe and timely discharge.

Patients that may require ongoing therapy upon discharge can be referred to other community based services such as Hospital at Home, the intermediate care assessment team and community physiotherapy.

Our inpatient services include:

  • acute surgical and critical care
  • acute medical physiotherapy
  • acute neurological physiotherapy
  • orthopaedic physiotherapy
  • rheumatology
  • women's health
  • children's services
  • urgent care team

Outpatient physiotherapy services

Physiotherapy outpatients are patients who are not ‘hospitalised’ but rather visits our physiotherapy department to receive their treatment. Outpatients are referred to the team by their consultant, either at Barnsley Hospital or other hospitals in the region.

Our outpatient services include:

  • amputee rehabilitation
  • children’s services
  • women’s health 
  • musculoskeletal services
  • hand therapy
  • physiotherapy gym
  • rheumatology

Patient Initiated Follow-up (PIFU)

Physiotherapy are now offering PIFU appointments. This will have been discussed with you at your last Physiotherapy appointment. The Therapist will have given you details on how to access this service, the timeframe to initiate your appointment and the symptoms to look out for. Please note that in relation to any new symptoms that are unrelated, you will need to contact your GP or consultant.

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Physiotherapy Gym

The gym provides an environment where the physiotherapist can deliver a high quality service to patients individually or via group sessions.

The aim of treatment is to educate patients and provide rehabilitation for patients with musculoskeletal problems. Patients referred have either acute injury, chronic conditions, or are pre and post surgical.

Post operative guidelines that have been agreed with the orthopaedic department, are followed and all patients are referred by a consultant.

A care pathway is in place for patients that have lower limb injuries due to acute trauma or following elective surgery, and for chronic overuse injuries. There is a separate pathway for patients following total or partial knee replacements and total hip replacements. This is to ensure a seamless service continuing from joint replacement surgery. 

Upper limb classes are also undertaken. These are for patients undergoing rehabilitation of the wrist, elbow or shoulder.

During gym rehabilitation, close liaison is maintained with the multidisciplinary team. This ensures that the appropriate care is being delivered to facilitate a speedy recovery from injury.

All referrals to this service are from consultants or physiotherapy staff, based at Barnsley Hospital.

Accessibility and travel information

Visit the AccessAble website for accessibility information and directions for visiting the physiotherapy department at Barnsley Hospital.