Our CCTV cameras are located in the hospital and around the grounds and car parks. We take the privacy and dignity of all our patients, staff and visitors very seriously, always taking care to position our cameras accordingly and do not have any hidden cameras in any of our public areas.

All the images are recorded 24 hours a day and monitored from our security control room. The security officers also carry body-worn video (BWV) cameras which are only used to record incidents and are not turned on all the time. The Trust has strict policies and procedures about how and when all our cameras can be used and these can be found on this web site.

Our cameras (Hospital Eyes) aim to:

  • To protect staff, patients and visitors
  • To protect Trust premises and Trust assets
  • To increase personal safety and reduce the fear of crime
  • To reduce incidents of violence and aggression to staff members
  • To support the police in reducing and detecting crime
  • To assist in identifying, apprehending and prosecuting offenders
  • To provide a deterrent effect and reduce criminal activity
  • To assist in the traffic management and car parking schemes.

Most of our cameras are static (fixed) but some zoom in, pan and tilt (move).

Camera information

Camera operations

We only use our CCTV and BWV systems in accordance with the 12 Guiding Principles listed in the surveillance camera code of practice and also follow the below government guidelines and policies.

More information about Hospital Eyes

Our ‘Hospital Eyes’ Administrator can be contacted on 01226 431889