Many people are involved in caring for you while you are in hospital, and they all wear a uniform and a name badge. Staff will introduce themselves but if you are in doubt about who they are, please ask them to explain.

Our nursing and midwifery uniforms

UniformJob Role


Matrons oversee all patient care areas focusing on the experience, safety, and quality of patient care.

Lead Nurse/Lead Midwife/Senior Sister/Senior Charge Nurse

Lead Nurses and Midwives are in charge of one ward or department and make sure patients are well cared for. They organise the nursing team.

Sister/Charge Nurse/Senior Midwife

Sisters, Charge Nurses & Senior Midwives support the Lead Nurse or Senior Sister to ensure patients are well looked after and are role models for junior staff.


Midwives provide care for mothers and babies. They supervise midwifery care assistants and nursing auxiliaries.

Registered Nurse

Registered Nurses provide care for patients, and supervise healthcare assistants and nursing auxiliaries.


Student Nurses and Trainee Nurse Associates are studying to become Nurses and are learners in practice. They care for patients under the supervision of Registered Nurses.

Healthcare Assistant (HCA) & Nursing Auxiliary

Healthcare Assistants and Nursing Auxiliaries care for patients under the guidance and direction of Sisters and Registered Nurses.

Domestic and Housekeeping

Our Domestic and Housekeeping team keep the hospital clean and stocked with essential supplies.

Our emergency department uniforms

UniformJob Role


All doctors, from junior doctors to consultants, who work in our Emergency Department wear this colour uniform. Doctors/Consultants accept ultimate responsibility for the care of all the patients referred to them.

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

ANP is a Registered Nurse qualified to a higher level, who diagnose and treat highly complex patients.

Emergency Nurse Practitioner

ENP is a registered Nurse who is specially trained to manage the care of minor injury patients.

Registered Nurses

All registered nurses, including lead nurses and sisters, who work in the Emergency Department wear this colour uniform. Our Nurses are responsible for caring for patients on a day-to-day basis and supervise our Health Care Assistants and Nursing Auxiliaries.

Healthcare Assistant (HCA) & Nursing Auxiliary

Our Healthcare Assistants and Nursing Auxiliaries care for patients under the guidance and direction of the Staff Nurses and Sisters.


Receptionists support the Emergency Department team with administrative duties.