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How to apply

Always complete your application form as if you were providing your personal details and employment history information to a stranger for the first time.  Please ensure that:

  • You complete all sections that are relevant to you
  • You complete the section informing us which post you are applying for
  • You sign the application form and equal opportunities monitoring form
  • You should use the job description and person specification as a guide to the kind of information that should be included

Closing dates

We are unable to accept application forms for positions that have closed. It is therefore important that you take note of the closing date and ensure that your form is received in HR prior to this deadline. All positions close at 12 noon on the date specified on the advert.


You are asked on the application to provide the names of two referees. One should be the name of the manager for whom you worked in your most recent employment or a senior representative from your educational institution if you are applying for your first job after completing a course of study. Your second referee might be another senior representative from your previous employment or place of study.

If you have not been in employment recently, then you should consider the leader of an association, club or voluntary organisation to which you belong, or other professional people that you have had contact with, on a domestic or social basis.

Ideally your referees should be people who are best able to comment on your suitability for employment in the post applied for.

No offer of employment will be made until both references have been received. It is therefore important that you provide us with full and accurate contact details, including telephone numbers.

Criminal convictions

Please read the following in conjunction with the ‘Guidance on the recruitment of ex-offenders for applicants’.

We undertake not to discriminate unfairly against applicants on the basis of a criminal conviction. Unless an appointment is prohibited by law, a criminal conviction will not automatically debar you from appointment.

As part of assessing your application, we will only take into account relevant criminal convictions, and will consider the nature of the record / action and its relevance to the position applied for. Before we make any final decisions, we shall discuss with you any information declared that we feel may have a bearing on your suitability for the position. If we do not raise this information with you, we believe that it should not be taken into account.

You must disclose on your application form all convictions, including those that would otherwise be ‘spent’ under the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. You must also disclose whether you have ever been ‘bound over’, received a police cautions, warning, reprimand, and whether you have been charged with a criminal offence that is not yet disposed of.

Information that you provide within your application may be discussed with you at interview. We would therefore encourage you to submit further information that you may wish the draw attention to in order to improve understanding and decision making. We would advise that this additional information is submitted in a sealed envelope along with your application and is addressed to the Senior HR Manager who will ensure the security of such highly confidential information.

If you are applying for a position that has regular access to patients, or will be responsible for the training or sole supervision of a person under the age of 18, you will be required to obtain a criminal records disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB). Once an offer of employment has been made, you will be issued with separate guidance on how to do this. You will be unable to commence your role until your completed CRB application has been received within the HR Department.

Professional registration

Registration with a professional body imposes a duty on health care professionals to provide a good standard of medical care for, and behave appropriately towards clients.

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has a duty to establish whether applicants for such positions have been disqualified from the practice of a profession or required to practice it subject to specified limitations following fitness to practice proceedings by a regulatory body in the UK or overseas, and whether they are currently the subject of any investigation or

proceedings by any professional body either in the UK or overseas.

You must inform us of accurate details regarding your professional registration. Any offer of employment will be made submit to verification of professional registration details.

Asylum and Immigration

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has a duty to ensure that all its employees are eligible to work within the UK. If you require a work permit in order to take up post, you must state this on your application. If you already hold a work permit please ensure that full details regarding the conditions of the work permit are included on your application.

The need for a work permit will not prevent you from being invited to interview or an offer of employment being made.

Data Protection Act

The Data Protection Act 1998 requires us to provide you with certain information and to obtain your consent before processing sensitive date about you, such as the obtaining, recording, holding, disclosing, destruction and retaining of information relating to a criminal conviction.

The information supplied within your application form and equal opportunities monitoring form will only be used for the purpose of determining your application for this position. Once a decision has been made concerning your appointment, the information will not be retained for longer than necessary.

All information given is kept securely and in confidence, and access to it will be restricted to the HR Department and other persons who need to see it as part of the selection process and who are authorised to do so.


By signing the declaration within the application you are confirming that to the information you have given is to the best of your knowledge, accurate and correct. Submitting your application electronically will be taken as your signature.

Where it is found that a person has intentionally or recklessly provided inaccurate or misleading information or withheld information relevant to their position, then any offer of employment may be withdrawn or it may lead to the termination of employment and referral to the appropriate professional body.

If your circumstances change between signing this declaration and taking up position with the Trust, you are required to inform the Trust of these changes.

Problems or questions?

If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact the HR department on 01226 432721 for general recruitment or 01226 431146 for medical recruitment.