Our staff love to hear when they’ve done well. Whilst giving excellent treatment and care is their job, they still like to hear that a patient is happy with the care they’ve received whilst at Barnsley Hospital.

    An Intensive Care Unit Dietician smiles whilst standing in a hospital corridor

    Giving feedback about individual staff and departments

    Let us know your feedback and if you know the name(s) of the staff or department you wish to thank we can let them know and pass on your thanks.

    Please send an email to:

    Please provide the hospital with the following information:

    • your name and address
    • whether you were a patient or visitor
    • which staff member (or members), or ward, or department you were happy with
    • why you were happy with the service you received

    Don’t just tell us, tell everyone!

    We would also love it if you could share your experience by visiting the NHS Choices website and tell everyone else how happy you were with the hospital.

    The site allows you to comment on your experience as a patient at Barnsley Hospital, and give our services ratings that can be viewed by people thinking of coming to Barnsley Hospital for treatment.