Stop smoking

Barnsley Hospital grounds and all surrounding roads are smoke free. 

Stopping smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health and it has proven benefits if you are waiting for surgery. 

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The benefits of stopping smoking

If you stop smoking before coming to hospital this could: 

  • reduce the chance of complications during and after surgery 
  • reduce the time needed to stay in hospital 
  • reduce the likelihood of being admitted or re-admitted to hospital 
  • increase the rate of healing and decrease scarring 

Whilst visiting hospital, you can be supported to quit smoking by our dedicated QUIT team, who will offer you: 

  • a nicotine replacement therapy to reduce cravings 
  • a visit from a Tobacco Treatment Advisor to discuss your smoking and support you with a quit attempt 
  • a referral to Yorkshire Smokefree to start your quit attempt once you return home 

For further information and guidance on smoking visit the NHS Better Health website.  

Please remember when visiting the hospital, our grounds and all surrounding roads are smoke free.