DynaMed Plus

DynaMed Plus is a reference tool which allows you to access current and unbiased clinical summaries. DynaMed Plus is a clinician-focused tool designed to facilitate evidence-based patient care. Physicians and specialists review the medical literature to ensure DynaMed Plus includes objective summaries.

Accessing DynaMed PlusDynamed

To access DynaMed Plus from within Barnsley Hospital, you can use the link from the Featured Links section of the Intranet home page.

To access DynaMed from outside the Trust you will need an OpenAthens account.  If you do not have an OpenAthens account please go to https://openathens.nice.org.uk/ to register. Once you have created and logged in to your OpenAthens account, select EBSCO databases from the My Resources section.

DynaMed Plus is also available as an app which the library can help you set up.

BMJ Best Practice

BMJ Best Practice is a clinical decision support tool which provides the latest information in a clear format. BMJ Best Practice is updated daily and also includes patient leaflets, procedural videos and drug calculators.

Accessing BMJ Best Practice

To access BMJ Best Practice you will need an OpenAthens account. Once you have logged in, select Best Practice from the My Resources section. Please watch the video below for further details regarding BMJ Best Practice, including how to access it as an app.