Knowledge Management is the sharing, capture, creation, utilisation or reuse of organisational knowledge.

How does the library offer and deliver this?

Lunch and Learns

With Lunch and Learn,  two individuals are paired at random and have the opportunity to talk about whatever they wish. Talking points and questions were provided to help stimulate conversation. Lunch and Learn help to build relationships, improve communication, encourage collaboration, sharing knowledge and ideas. Events are hosted twice a year (May and November) in the library. All staff are invited, look out for communications or get in touch for more details.


Knowledge Harvest

When members of staff leave roles, they also leave with the knowledge they have developed. Knowledge Harvests are structured approaches to help an organisation understand and record the knowledge and experience of people before they leave roles.  Members of staff will answer a series of questions and the answers of these questions will go to the new member of staff as part of their induction. Please contact the library for more details.

Evidence and Knowledge Self-Assessment Tool

The Evidence and Knowledge Self-Assessment Tool is a framework which helps teams ascertain how they can make better use of knowledge and information. Using the Evidence and Knowledge Self-Assessment Tool is a two hour session facilitated by the librarian where we will discuss how teams can use, share and capture knowledge effectively.