From Tuesday 2 May 2023, patients referred by their GP for Phlebotomy services will have their appointment at Barnsley Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC) in The Glass Works in Barnsley town centre.

At the same time, all repeat Outpatient Phlebotomy appointments, including for people receiving Warfarin, will be at the CDC. There are exceptions for some Phlebotomy patients – these are detailed below.

From today GPs can instruct patients to book their own appointments using the new online phlebotomy booking system. This is a patient/GP led system that will allow patients to book a test at a time and date of their choosing in this central Barnsley location which is often more convenient for people than visiting the hospital site.

Patients will only be asked for minimal details during the booking process, and will be sent an email reminder to their personal inbox. We hope patients find this a straightforward process, which will take around two minutes to complete.

Whilst the primary method for booking Phlebotomy appointments will be to use the booking system, anybody who is unable to access or use the system can call 01226 433963.

Patients should note the following exceptions and advice:

You must have a referral to book using this system
Only patients asked to book an appointment should make one – appointments without an associated referral will be cancelled.

Bloods taken prior to a specialty clinician appointment
If a patient needs to have blood taken prior to an appointment with a clinician, their Phlebotomy appointment should be at least 24 hours earlier. This will ensure results are available at the clinician appointment.

Oncology and Specific Hospital Based Tests
Oncology patients should still attend their Phlebotomy appointments at the hospital and not the CDC.

If you are fasting
Patients who are fasting should book a morning appointment.

Access to the CDC
Whilst the CDC is a wheelchair accessible facility, there is no vehicle access outside the facility. If patients require transport in close proximity to Phlebotomy Services for mobility reasons, they should still attend the main hospital site.