Children's Services

The children’s services provide a high quality and responsive service to the needs of children and their families.

A parent holds their baby in the air whilst the child's other parent, touches their cheek with their finger.

Inpatient Care

Children and young people are cared for in a 8-bedded ward.  There is also a Children's Assessment Unit where children are referred to from the Emergency Department, GP surgeries, Community Midwives and Health Visitors.

The children’s ward takes inpatients, and cares for children aged 0 to 16 years. The ward covers a range of specialties that include:

  • paediatric medicine
  • emergency care
  • dermatology - skin conditions 
  • ENT - ear, nose and throat 
  • ophthalmology - eyesight
  • orthopaedics - bones and muscles 
  • surgery

We also have a high dependency cubicle on the ward for very unwell children. Children who require more specialised treatment are generally referred to Sheffield Children’s Hospital or Leeds.

The ward is staffed by trained children’s nurses.

To make the experience of hospital as normal as possible for children, we have a children’s play team.

Get in touch

Call the Children's Ward on
01226 432818

Call Children's Outpatients on
01226 434950

Call the Children's Assessment Unit on
01226 432664

Outpatient Care

Children with all sorts of medical and surgical conditions are seen in our children’s outpatient department.

There are also speciality clinics with visiting consultants from Sheffield and Leeds including:

  • cardiology - the heart
  • endocrinology - hormones 
  • genetics
  • metabolic medicine
  • neurology - the brain, spinal cord and nervous system
  • orthopaedics - bones and muscles 
  • surgery

Visit the AccessAble site for accessibility information and directions for visiting Children’s Outpatients.

Community Children’s Nursing Team

The Children’s Community Nursing Team consists of experienced children’s nurses with specialist skills in caring for sick children from birth to 16 years old.  They provide care and support for children in their own homes, working with both general practitioners and hospital staff.

The team covers children with a wide range of conditions and includes:

  • allergies
  • asthma
  • cancer
  • cystic fibrosis
  • diabetes
  • ear, nose and throat conditions
  • newborn babies
  • oxygen dependent babies
  • palliative care needs
  • some children who have had surgery
  • children with special needs who need specialist support
  • nurse-led clinics for children with diabetes and asthma

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