Children's Community Nursing

The children’s community nursing team see patients in a community setting to help reduce attendance and admissions to hospital.

We provide nursing care in people's homes and wider community settings for children and young people with:

  • Acute and short-term conditions;
  • Long-term conditions;
  • Disabilities and complex conditions,
  • Life-limiting and life-threatening illness, including those requiring palliative and end-of-life care;

We are a Children’s Community Lead Nurse and six Children’s Community Sisters, available Monday to Sunday, 8am-8pm.

We work closely with all members of the multidisciplinary team, including Paediatricians and allied health professions, and have close links with the Children’s ward and Children’s Assessment Unit.


The Children’s community nursing team offer a range of care interventions and treatments, education and support for children, young people with a variety of health conditions such as:

  • Management of acute minor illnesses such as viral induced wheeze, chest infections, and gastroenteritis
  • Complex Wound care
  • Administration of Intravenous Antibiotics
  • Oxygen management
  • Oncology (cancer) care and support
  • Complex health care
  • Gastrostomy care and support
  • Nasogastric Tube feeding care and support
  • Tracheostomy care and support
  • Administration of subcutaneous and intramuscular medications
  • Provision of identified equipment
  • End of Life Care


We accept referrals from the Barnsley Hospital Children’s ward, Children's Assessment Unit, Emergency Department, and from other hospital Trusts.

Referred patients must be aged 0-16 (up to 19 if child has SEND) with a nursing need, and must be registered with a GP in Barnsley.

Contact the team if you are a healthcare professional and need to make a referral.

Contact us

Telephone: 01226 432519


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