Antenatal day unit

The Antenatal Day Unit (ANDU) is a midwife led assessment area located on the ground floor of women’s services next to the ultrasound department. If you require additional monitoring during your pregnancy that does not need you to stay in hospital it may take place in ANDU.

What services do we provide?

There are many reasons you may be seen in ANDU. Some examples include?

  • Raised blood pressure that requires closer monitoring
  • An additional scan to check the position of you baby
  • Pre-operative caesarean section assessment
  • To monitor babies heart rate
  • If you have concerns regarding your baby’s movements
  • Other pregnancy related conditions that require additional monitoring

If you need to attend ANDU your midwife or consultant team will discuss this with you or if you have concerns regarding reduced fetal movements from 28 weeks onwards you can contact the department directly for advice.

Midwife Sonography Service

Our midwife sonography clinic is located within the Antenatal Day Unit. Our team will perform and review growth scans in the third trimester of pregnancy accepting referrals from all areas of the maternity department.

Maternity Ultrasound service page

Opening times

Monday to Friday 8am to 7.30pm

Telephone: 01226 432203

Outside these hours please call the Birthing Centre on 01226 432249

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