Having twins or triplets?

For local support why not check out "More the Merrier" a Barnsley Support Group, run by mums with twins or triplets?

Twin babies in carry chairs

Twins Trust

The Twins Trust is a national charity that supports families with twins, triplets or more.

Specialist support groups from this charity include one parent families, triplets, multiples with special needs and bereavement support.

The website has many useful video clips and resources that can be accessed.

Visit the Twins Trust website for more

Information for women with an uncomplicated twin pregnancy, for women giving birth after 32 weeks

More than a third of women who plan a vaginal birth go on to have a caesarean section.

Almost all women who plan a caesarean section do have one, but a few women have a vaginal birth before caesarean section can be carried out.

A small number of women who plan a vaginal birth will need an emergency caesarean section to deliver the second twin after vaginal birth of the first twin.