Blood tests (phlebotomy)

Phlebotomy is when someone uses a needle to take blood from a vein, usually in your arm. This can be used to diagnose a number of conditions and any blood taken will be sent to a laboratory.

The Outpatient Phlebotomy Department provides a service in the hospital Outpatients Phlebotomy Department and also at the Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC) in The Glass Works in the town centre. This is an adult only service for people over the age of 16 years.

A person wearing PPE holds 2 test tubes which have blood samples in them, in a lab.

Making an appointment

If your consultant or GP has asked you to have a blood test at the Phlebotomy Department you will need to make an appointment.

Book an appointment using our online system

Patients under the age of 16 who require a blood test should continue to request referrals from their GP to the Paediatric Outpatient Department.

Patients will only be seen in Phlebotomy if they have a request form completed in accordance with the Pathology Clinical Sample Acceptance Policy.

All patients must have a request from the requesting clinician before samples can be taken.

Book your appointment

Patients who have been referred by a clinician for a blood test can book their appointment at the Community Diagnostic Centre.

Availability and location

The majority of the Phlebotomy Service is provided at the Community Diagnostic Service. All GP patients, any patients from other community settings, and patients that require follow up blood tests for Barnsley Hospital Outpatient clinics are no longer be seen at the hospital.

Patients are seen on a strict appointment only basis, and patients can make their own appointments.

There is limited access at the Phlebotomy Outpatient Department at the Hospital. The only patients using this service are people who have been seen in the Outpatients Department that same day and require a blood test immediately after their appointment, or patients that are under Oncology services. 

Please note – patients will be screened to ensure compliance with this criteria. No appointment is necessary, but please be aware that it will be a sit and wait service and patients attending will be seen in order of test priority, not attendance times.

Patients requiring patient transport services will be brought to the hospital as there is no drop-off facility at the Community Diagnostic Centre.

Accessible parking is available at the Glass Works centre, but the Community Diagnostic Centre has no wheelchairs available, so patients who require support to travel from their car to their appointment must continue to attend the hospital site.

How to find the CDC

Information on the location of the Community Diagnostic Centre.

Department opening times

The Outpatients department at the Hospital is open: Monday to Friday 9.00 am – 4.45 pm

The Community Diagnostic Centre is open: Monday to Friday 8.00 am – 4.15 pm

We do not provide a service at either location on weekends or Bank Holidays.


Please contact the Senior Phlebotomist for the team on 01226 433963.

The Phlebotomy Service Manager can be contacted on 01226 432582.

CliniSys ICE Requesting

For requesting Blood Tests please use the CliniSys ICE system. Please use this link to access details for electronic requesting.