Rheumatology Physiotherapy

This service is for patients requiring physiotherapy treatment suffering rheumatologic conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis and soft tissue rheumatism.

A physiotherapist assists a patient.

Healthcare provided

Patients are referred from rheumatology consultants, nurse specialists and occupational therapy at both Barnsley Hospital and from other hospitals. Patients are also transferred from the inpatient service at Barnsley Hospital for an outpatient physiotherapy follow up.

Patients with inflammatory arthritic conditions and chronic pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia are assessed and managed by this service. Other musculoskeletal referrals from rheumatology are seen by both senior and junior staff in the department or at the physio gym.

Treatment is aimed at improving daily function, mobility and independence and includes; education and advice on self-management, exercise therapy and pain management.

Close links are maintained with the multidisciplinary team on site, thus providing good quality patient care.

Patients may be referred on to occupational therapy (Barnsley Hospital), podiatry, domiciliary physiotherapy (NHS Barnsley) and hydrotherapy (NHS Barnsley).

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