We have a few general rules for anyone visiting the hospital. Following these rules helps makes Barnsley Hospital safer for everyone who visits.

  • Hand gel
    To help us prevent the spread of infection, please use the hand gel when entering and leaving the clinical areas. Children should only use the gel under parental supervision.
  • One visitors per patient
    Following the recent Covid-19 update we are now limiting visitors to a maximum of 1 per patient. Always speak to a member of staff on the ward if you are unsure.
  • Children
    Children are currently not allowed to visit the hospital following the Covid-19 update above.
  • Sitting on the bed
    Please do not sit on a patient’s bed. This could cause cross infection. There are chairs available within the ward areas for you to use.
  • Machinery and equipment
    Please do not touch any of the machinery or equipment that is around any patient’s bed. This may cause faulty readings and may be detrimental to either the patient or yourself.
  • Telephones and mobile devices
    Please turn off all mobile devices on entering clinical areas. There are signs up around the hospital where you can switch your telephones back on.
  • Smoking
    Please note that Barnsley Hospital is a smoke-free site and smoking is not permitted on any part of the hospital grounds.

Contact us for information about a patient

If you call the ward to ask how your relative is, we must always ask what your relationship to the patient is, as well as ask their permission before we can give out any details on their condition.

Because our nurses are busy we ask that where possible for one relative to ring the ward and pass the information to friends and family.

Ward and department phone numbers are available on the contact us page.

Friends and family can also ring patients direct on their bedside telephone. When you visit, remember to ask what their direct number is.

Delivering flowers

There are a number of wards within the hospital that cannot accept flowers. We advise all visitors of patients to call the ward you are visiting to check what the policy is to avoid any disappointment.