Corporate Documents

Important and useful corporate documents that we release from the hospital

This page contains useful documents such as papers and minutes from our Board of Directors and Council of Governors meetings.

Other corporate documents can be found listed on our Publication Scheme page.

If you need any further information, please email: or call 01226 431818.

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Board of Directors Meetings

MeetingMeeting DatePublished

Council of Governors’ Meetings

Please see below for copies of the agenda and papers discussed at the General Meetings of the Council of Governors.  The meetings are held in the Trust’s Education Centre.  Everyone is welcome and light refreshments will be provided.  Come along and meet your governors, give them your views about your hospital.

MeetingMeeting DatePublished

Printed copies of these papers will be available at the meeting or on request.

Please email: or call 01226 431818