Feedback from patients and their families is important to us as it gives us an opportunity to identify areas for improvement. When you contact the Trust to give feedback or make a complaint we will listen to your experience and will look for learning and action that we can take to improve things for the future.

This page will be updated on a quarterly basis with a few examples of learning that has been taken from recent complaints or feedback from patients and their families.

Quarter 4 (January 2022 – March 2022)

You said: AMU could improve their discharge process and communication.
We did: Arranged for senior nursing staff from AMU to shadow senior staff from the Discharge Unit

You said: Calls to medical wards were not being answered in a timely fashion.
We did: Dedicated portable ‘relatives phones’ supplied to ward.

You said: Some of your personal property had been lost whilst you were on a ward.
We did: Education for wards about the Trust’s Property Policy and provision of new property books to ensure personal property is appropriately documented to assist in tracing any lost items.

If you would like to give feedback or raise a concern, please contact our Patient Advice on Complaints team at, by leaving a message at 01226 432330, or using the contact form from the website