Feedback from patients and their families is important to us as it gives us an opportunity to identify areas for improvement. When you contact the Trust to give feedback or make a complaint we will listen to your experience and will look for learning and action that we can take to improve things for the future.

This page will be updated on a quarterly basis with a few examples of learning that has been taken from recent complaints or feedback from patients and their families.

Quarter 1 (April 2021 – June 2021)

You said: You felt there was sometimes a lack of compassion from staff on our inpatient wards
We did: Collated direct quotes from patients and family members for use in a series of new training workshops about values-led and compassionate care. Arranged an ‘observations of care’ pilot programme, which we intend to roll out across all clinical areas.

You said: It took too long to arrange for a Hickman line to be fitted for chemotherapy
We did: Revised the Hickman Line process and implemented an electronic referral form to prevent unnecessary delays

You said: Some patients with learning disabilities found our surgical wards to be a difficult environment and staff did not always know how best to help
We did: Additional training for our ward teams, led by our Learning Disabilities Specialist Nurse, to ensure all of our patients are appropriately supported

You said: More needed to be done to ensure that the care needs of patients living with dementia are accurately assessed
We did: Creation of a Dementia Friendly Pain Assessment Tool using direct feedback from the family of a patient living with dementia

If you would like to give feedback or raise a concern, please contact our Patient Advice on Complaints team at, by leaving a message at 01226 432330, or using the contact form from the website