Analysis of seminal fluid to investigate the effectiveness of a vasectomy procedure is carried out within the Haematology section of the Blood Sciences department of Pathology.

Each andrology sample is examined by two BMS staff and there is an Andrology lead BMS and clinician available for advice. Please contact the main haematology laboratory if information or advice is needed.

As each sample must be assessed by two BMS staff, receipt of samples for post-vasectomy analysis is restricted to:

Monday-Friday 08:45-17:00. Ideally samples should be received in the morning.

The specimen pot and request form, including all the information will be provided post-procedure by the Clinician or representative. It is essential that you only use the specimen pot provided as this has been assessed and passed as suitable for use by the laboratory. If the pot you are provided with becomes unuseable/damaged, you must contact the laboratory for another. Any specimen received in another type of pot will be rejected. DO NOT open the specimen pot until ready to use.


  • The first sample must be produced at least 16 weeks and 24 ejaculations after your operation (Providing a sample before 16 weeks and 24 ejaculations increases the chance of a false-positive result and a repeat will be needed).
  • You must not have had sex or masturbated for 48 hours before collecting your specimen but your abstinence period must not be longer than 7 days.
  • Recreational and some prescription drugs can affect sperm, please discuss with your Clinician if you think this might affect your sample.
  • Febrile illness (having a temperature) can affect sperm so it is better to wait until you feel well again before producing a specimen.
  • It is important to complete the details on the request form. The requesting clinician or medical personnel providing the request form should complete the medical signature/ consultant field on the form. If the request form is not complete, this may result in your specimen being rejected.
  • Write your name, date of birth and date and time of production on the specimen pot. If this is not complete, it will result in your specimen being rejected.
  • Wash your hands and genitals with soap and water, rinse thoroughly to remove any soap residue then dry completely.
  • DO NOT open the container until ready to use, collect the specimen by masturbation directly into the specimen pot. Please ensure the whole complete sample is collected. There is a tickbox on the form to complete for this, please ensure it is filled in.
  • It is important not to use a sheath/condom as they are harmful to sperm and may give false-negative results.
  • It is important to complete all the details on the request form that apply to you. Missing information may result in your request being rejected.
  • Any mis-information provided may affect the results provided by the laboratory, therefore results are supplied on the understanding that the information provided is accurate and truthful and the specimen has been produced and collected as per the instructions on the request form.
  • The sample must be maintained at body temperature when delivering the sample to the laboratory reception.
  • The specimen and attached request form must be delivered to the laboratory reception within 1 hour of collection. This is crucial as staff must prepare and process the sample within 4 hours of collection.
  • For advice about sending the specimen to the laboratory or any of the information above, please contact 01226 432862.
  • All results are sent back as a paper report to the requesting GP or the Urology department. The requesting GP or Urology will inform you of any further action required depending on results.