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Blood Sciences

The Blood Sciences department incorporates the Haematology and Chemical Pathology laboratories. It is situated within the Department of Pathology on the first floor of Barnsley Hospital.

The Blood Sciences department provides a comprehensive routine and emergency out-of-hours diagnostic Blood Sciences service. Together - with its partner laboratory in Rotherham - it takes specimens from the Barnsley and Rotherham hospitals and the local areas.

Chemical pathology clinical advice is available from the Barnsley Hospital Consultant leads, with support provided by the appropriate Rotherham Hospital Consultants as required.

Haematology clinical advice is available as required by contacting the details provided below. Urgent, out-of-hours clinical advice is provided by one of the Haematology consultants who can be contacted via switchboard.

Technical enquiries should be directed towards the Biomedical Scientists of the department.

Please see below for contact details. For urgent samples see the protocol on the Urgent Requests page.

Contact details for medical staff


Consultant Clinical Scientist
Call 01226 432772
Bleep 584

Consultant Haematologist and Laboratory Director
Call 01226 432810
Bleep 401

Consultant Haematologist and Clinical Head of Department
Call 01226 432810

Consultant Haematologists
The consultant haematologists are Dr D Chan-Lam, Dr R Cutting, Dr Y Sorour, Dr R Rashid – you can contact them via switchboard

Haematology Secretary
Call 01226 432765

Biomedical Science Senior Staff

Integrated Blood Sciences Manager
Call 01226 432061

Deputy Blood Sciences Manager/Chemical Pathology lead BMS
Call 01226 432061

Deputy Blood Sciences Manager/Haematology lead BMS
Call 01226 432061

Biochemistry Senior Staff
Call 01226 432733 or 01226 432673

Haematology Senior Staff
Call 01226 432862 or 01226 432610

Laboratory contact details

Chemical Pathology 
Call 01226 432673
Bleep 209

Call 01226 432862 or 01226 432610
Bleep 205

Pathology Reception 
Call 01226 432727 or 01226 432727

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